Wang Yongge of the University of North Carolina: My biography of the Algorand algorithm misread my paper

According to the chain report, Professor Wang Yongge from the School of Computer and Information Science at the University of North Carolina at the University of North Carolina (UNC Charlotte) recently said that the so-called "a paper written by Professor Wang Yongge on the Internet has recently raised the seriousness of the Algorand project. The statement of "basic mistakes" is a misreading and hype about his paper. Wang Yongge said that he officially published a paper entitled "Another Look at ALGORAND" in May 2019. He made several comments on the Algorand project from an academic perspective, including the possibility of bifurcation in theory and the Byzantine agreement in Algorand. Too complicated, there is room for optimization, etc. However, "the content of the paper is widely misunderstood." Professor Wang Yongge explained that the Algorand proposed in his paper has the possibility of bifurcation in theory. It is actually a problem of costless simulation attack that is common in PoS consensus. Any public chain using PoS consensus exists theoretically. The risk; as for the overly complex Byzantine agreement in Algorand, it has been noted that the Algorand team has made many improvements and optimizations from the initial design to the final implementation. Professor Wang Yongge said that the paper "proposed a serious and fundamental mistake in the Algorand project", "obviously misunderstanding and hype of the paper."