BM: According to my voting algorithm, B1 cannot control any 1 node.

Earlier this morning, BM appeared in the telegraph group and community members to continue to discuss voting governance issues. The following is an overview of the important content: 1. Regarding the voting method, EOS Authority has done related modeling, they are in 1 currency and 1 vote and quadratic voting (Quadratic Under the Voting mechanism, some data was obtained, and the second vote has a very large impact on the modeled data. It is impressive and is currently trying to prevent the “whale account” from controlling the entire voting system. Quadratic Voting is the square root of the total number of mortgages a node receives. BM gives an equation for this and discusses the relevant parameters with the community. 2. According to my voting algorithm, B1 cannot control any 1 node. 3. Community question: In this case, is B1 free to vote? BM said that this will make the law easier to pass. 4. Community Question: B1 or the community, it is best to come up with a solution for BP governance. I am a long-term investor, but at present it is not ideal. BM said that the situation seems to be better than ever, and I am very optimistic about governance. Everyone can benefit from the market and see more decentralized EOS and more successful upgrades. 5. Community Question: When will the EOSIO 1.8 release be released? BM said, (faster) I believe that the two major test networks have proved this.