The data shows that the bitcoin mining machine is in a positive return state, and the ant mining machine S7 is restarted.

According to the block rhythm report, according to the mining machine revenue data released by F2Pool, the Bitcoin mining machine is all in a positive return state. Among them, because the currency price is rising, the ant mining machine S7 is restarted, and the shutdown price is 74,000 yuan. The shutdown price of the mainstream ant mining machine S9 on the market is 28,000, which means mining with S9. According to the current bitcoin price, the revenue can reach 3 times. The Shenma mining machine M10s has the highest yield, with a shutdown price of 16.3 million and a mining gain of 5.5 times. Bitcoin mining difficulty will increase after 11 hours, the expected difficulty will increase by 6.79%, mining revenue will be reduced.