Actor Jin Bao Block Chain Leader: Society should treat Libra with an open and cautious attitude

According to Blue Whale Finance, on June 26, at the Luohantang Digital Economy Annual Meeting, Zhang Hui, head of Ant Financial Group Block Chain, said that the whole society should be open and cautious when talking about Facebook’s digital cryptocurrency Libra. Attitude to look at this matter. Zhang Hui said that we are highly concerned about this matter and we attach great importance to the blockchain field. Prior to this, I have done research and technology exploration for several years, and accumulated the most patents and quite a lot of landing applications. We feel that the whole society should look at this matter with an open and cautious attitude. Alipay is still exploring the application scenarios of blockchains. Zhang Hui said that he hopes to solve the problem of ineffective collaboration between enterprises and enterprises in the supply chain finance sector and between enterprises and financial institutions through blockchain technology. Reliable split and transfer, focusing on solving the financing difficulties of small and micro enterprises at the end of the supply chain, and financing problems.