The Beijing News: Q coins, game coins, bitcoins, etc. have become a means for drug criminals to pay for drugs.

According to the Beijing News, on the day of the “6·26 International Anti-Drug Day”, the Beijing Chaoyang Court informed that the main body of drug-related crimes has begun to be networked. According to the investigation published by the Chaoyang Court today, from 2015 to 2018, the total number of drug crime cases handled by the Chaoyang Court was more than 250, more than 200, more than 270, and more than 240. Among them, the number of criminal behaviors involving the Internet is more than 110, more than 110, more than 170, and more than 180, accounting for 44%, 55%, 63%, and 76% respectively. The judge said that it can be seen that the relationship between drug-related criminal activities and the Internet is getting closer and closer, and it is necessary to arouse the high vigilance of the whole society. According to reports, some of the online virtual currency such as Q coins and game coins have also been used as drug money in some drug transactions. The court said that the current blockchain digital currency such as Bitcoin is difficult to supervise because of its encryption property, and it has also become a means for drug criminals to pay for drugs.