Babbitt's live hits | Snowden revealed that he used Bitcoin to pay reporters during the 13-year NSA surveillance incident

At 9:35 am Westside, Snowden video connected the Bitcoin 2019 conference. He discussed issues such as privacy, state surveillance, national security, and how to use Bitcoin to weigh.

When asked if he was a Bitcoin holder, Snowden revealed that when he leaked NSA information to reporters in 2013, he used Bitcoin to pay for the reporter. We greeted the warm applause from the scene.

He said, "Bitcoin is a free (uncontrolled) currency. When I think of freedom, I think this is the core of (freedom). This is freedom from soliciting permission. So we can try something new.. Without privacy, we have no power. The loss of privacy is a threat to the existence of Bitcoin."

Snowden mentioned the hacking incident (Shadow Broker) that has occurred since 2016. The hackers have stolen the NSA's attack tools. These tools were later used to attack large companies' firewalls, such as Microsoft; he mentioned the attack on the Baltimore City government last month. The hacker attacked the city government's computer system and proposed to use bitcoin as a ransom.

For this, Snod believes that although these things that harm society are wrong, more criminals commit crimes against the US dollar.

Snowden revealed that after the leaked incident, the US government sent special investigators to understand with CIA, FBI and other institutions, acknowledging that there was no "actual improvement" in anti-terrorism by large-scale mobile phone monitoring.

"Privacy is for the protection of a few people, and voting rights exist for the public." He stressed. "Monitoring is not for counter-terrorism, monitoring is for power, knowing what power everyone is thinking. We have lost true democracy."

Snowden criticized the upstart of the currency circle and the compliance procedures of the exchange itself. He said, "If a person gives up his power, he will not only give up his power, but he will also have no choice but to be a national of Iran (and more harsh) countries."

For Bitcoin to go mainstream, how to disclose the privacy of traders as little as possible, Snowd thinks the better solution is that Bitcoin holders only reveal who the seller of the last transaction is, without revealing more Information.