Zhongying Interconnected subsidiary “was pitted” 70 million yuan, last year purchasing mine machine gross margin as high as 100%

Recently, Zhongying Internet (002464.SZ) issued an announcement, and the former regulatory authorities issued a reply to the 2018 annual report inquiry letter. For Zhongying Interconnect's subsidiary Caiquan Technology's purchase of mining machine mining machine disputes from Yibang Shares last year, Zhongying Internet responded that Lottery Technology paid 400 million yuan in payment, and actually only received 328 million yuan of goods. Billion State shares returned more than 70 million yuan. Currently, the relevant case is in litigation. In addition, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange requires additional disclosure of the agency procurement business. Zhongying Internet responded that as an important source of income for Zhongying Internet, the subsidiary company's 2018 agency procurement business income was 22.34 million yuan, and the gross profit margin was 100%.