CCTV financial commentator: "Facebook coin" is difficult to be universal

According to the Global Daily News, on June 27, CCTV commentator Liu Ge commented that Libra is still only a special token used in a specific online community or business district. Since it is a token, Then it is too idealistic to talk about the possibility of replacing legal tender. As a kind of stable currency, Libra is not really a new thing. Before that, Gemini has issued GUSD, and JP Morgan has also released JPMcoin. It has also caused many associations, but it has not been seen yet. To what waves they have made in the global payment system. At least under current conditions, a “global currency” that is not regulated by governments is unlikely to be accessible in countries around the world. Looking into the future, assuming that virtual currency is indeed a major trend in the future, then the premise of countries to release the "global currency" must have established a global unified payment and liquidation supervision system.