The Beijing-Tianjin-Liaoyang Public Security Organs will focus on investigating and preventing network marketing under the guise of “virtual currency”.

According to the Hebei News Network, recently, the deployment of the Beijing-Tianjin-Liaoyang public security organs and market supervision departments to jointly crack down on the cross-border rectification of regional pyramid schemes was held in Qinhuangdao. The meeting decided to carry out special actions. According to the action plan, the case-handling personnel will focus on investigating and handling cases of pyramid schemes and crimes such as “capital operation”, “1040 project”, “chain sales”, “employment and employment”, “recruitment and introduction work”. In the name of "direct sales", it is engaged in the activities of pyramid schemes, focusing on the prevention and prevention of network marketing such as "consumer rebates", "e-commerce", "financial mutual assistance" and "virtual currency", cutting off network communication information dissemination channels and effectively curbing the network. MLM spread.