Market analysis: the sharp drop is just a dishwashing, the positive is not honored

Bitcoin has been hit by a bear in a rising voice. Is this a shipment or a dishwashing? In this round of upswing, Bitcoin is like a lonely warrior, rushing all the way, the little brothers are stunned, and the little brothers who are eager to see the third line have to follow it. Suddenly, they are suffering from this disaster. Gas people. In fact, the current state itself does not have much money-making effect. If the bull market comes, it must be that the proportion of the market value of Bitcoin should be smaller and smaller, instead of the higher the market value of Bitcoin, as it is now. It’s just a bull market in Bitcoin, which has nothing to do with other currencies. So the question is, is Bitcoin so high that there will be enough funds to pick up?

Let's review the last time the bull market was going. The last time the bull market was 94.94, a large number of project parties have made outstanding contributions to the expansion of the currency circle. As a result, the market suddenly suffered a negative 94. Taking advantage of the trend to wash the plate, and finally began to pull up. It is obvious that there is still no time for Bitcoin to ship. There are still so many positives that have not been fulfilled. It seems that the shipment departure is not reasonable at this time. I personally think that the profit will gradually spread to the small currency. When you go inside, you have to be careful, because you have to copy the previous trend, and the chicken market after the bull market. I personally think that the main rising waves of several representative three-line targets have not yet been completed, and there is still room for it.


Last night, BTC suffered a large-scale blockade when it quickly pulled up to 14,000 US dollars, so that it left a long shadow line. We saw that the Fed chairman recently stated that it will not cut interest rates in July, and then gold fell, BTC There has been a large fluctuation, but at present the target is still above $12,800. Yesterday, the k-line volume was very large. The so-called sky-high volume is expected to be high. The current interest rate cut is still expected. It is expected to cut interest rates in the third and fourth quarters. Once, I personally think that after the adjustment, the target has at least one new high-level process, and the defense is good. The support of the target is in the range of 12400-12800 USD, and it falls below 12400 to reduce the position.


ETH is basically the same as our previous forecast. Before we thought that the target could break through 320 US dollars, it would test the pressure of 360 US dollars. The highest target of this target was 166 US dollars, followed by BTC, which basically met expectations, in the 4 hours chart. There was also a big Yinxian thread wearing a broken head, and the transaction volume was enlarged. However, from the perspective of the daily line, the volume of the target did not exceed the volume of May 16th, and it may be in this. Local shocks wait for 5 antennas to move up and observe the gains and losses of 5 antennas. If you lose 5 antennas, you will step back to the support level of 320 dollars. I personally prefer to oscillate in the range of 320-360 dollars, and break through 360 dollars. It will rise to $400, and a fall below $320 may fall to around $275.


The recent trend of LTC has been relatively weak. Yesterday, a large physical Yinxian line was received, and there was a slight increase in volume. Now 5 antennas and 10 antennas have formed a dead fork, and the macd indicator continues to keep the dead fork down. It is expected that the target will be Continue to look down on the support of $125 and see if it can stabilize at this point. I personally tend to be unable to stabilize at this point, and will continue to look for support and pay attention to risk.


BNB continuously adjusted, failed to stand back to 10 antennas, yesterday closed a cross star line wearing a broken head, 5 antennas and 10 antennas dead fork, macd indicator dead fork, today if not up to block the moving average and indicators With the death fork, there may be a resonance drop. In the current state, I am afraid that I can't get effective support around $35.5. The target will continue to step back down, observe the flag-shaped finishing of the lower rail support, and fall below The track can be seen from the field.

Source: QKL123

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