China Blockchain Game Development Team Pure White Matrix Launches World's First Cloud IDE to Access Libra Move Language

Recently, the pure white matrix ChainIDE team realized the world's first integrated development environment (IDE) tool integrated with the Move language through a two-day programming marathon, which can support Facebook's new programming language Move for the Libra project.

IDE refers to the "Integrated Development Environment" and is an indispensable tool in software development. In software development, software editors, compilers, debuggers, etc. are generally included. For example, for Apple device development, App can use Xcode provided by Apple, and Microsoft Eco Development Software can use Visual Studio.


The open white matrix IDE named " ChainIDE " is an IDE tool built for the blockchain platform. It only needs a web browser to write smart contracts and compile and deploy them in the cloud. It can also be called " Cloud IDE."

In addition, ChainIDE also supports IOST and ETH, and is the first multi-chain cloud IDE . This smart contract development tool can be used in any scenario where a smart contract needs to be written, including the development of games and DeFi applications, and it may not be possible to connect between the public chain and the alliance chain.

It takes at least an hour to prepare a Move compileable environment in a domestic network environment, and currently only supports macOS and Linux systems. For Move, an entry-level language learner designed for digital assets and smart contracts, the emergence of ChainIDE has undoubtedly helped thousands of developers, professors, and scholars save this one-hour pointless cost. As Wu Xiao, the founder of the pure white matrix, said,

"You can write your own Move program in 3 minutes, this is the magic of time."

It is understood that the Move language is a brand new computer programming language proposed by Facebook's Libra project . Libra project co-founder David Marcus mentioned on Twitter that the three separate components of the Libra project are: a scalable, licensed blockchain based on the LibraBFT consensus algorithm, dependent on asset reserves and expected to be a medium of exchange. The password currency Libra, as well as the new programming language Move.

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