2019 Rui Chain Summit Los Angeles Station – blockchain technology innovation and the new economic trend of the card economy held in Irvine

On the afternoon of June 26, 2019, Los Angeles, the "2019 Rui Chain Summit·Los Angeles Station" hosted by Slibleary's think tank was held in Irvine. With the development of blockchain technology, the innovation and application of blockchain technology are still being explored in various fields. Cross-chain technology and layered technology are expected to improve the performance and scalability of blockchain, and the commitment to traditional financial asset investment is Creating value for more investors and making a large amount of investment more inclusive through technological innovation. This time, Slibrary and the power think tank teamed up in Los Angeles and Irvine, the capital of financial technology and blockchain projects, to gather the best project parties and investment institutions in China and the United States to discuss the next step in blockchain technology and digital currency market. Innovation direction and value creation.