Xiao Lei: As long as the market is allowed to operate on its own, China can gain greater rights and interests in the blockchain and cryptocurrency fields.

On June 27th, financial columnist Xiao Lei issued a message on his public account that the price of bitcoin is now back above $12,000 and that it has risen by as much as 300% during the year. It has not become a tulip bubble in the 21st century, but it is even more exciting. The development of financial technology. US Internet giant Facebook is launching a new world currency infrastructure based on global demand for bitcoin and financial application requirements for blockchain technology. Xiao Lei also said that as long as China allows the market to operate on its own, it is not necessary to introduce any encouragement and stimulus policies. As long as it is not banned, China can gain greater rights and interests in this field. Libra, which is released by Facebook, is currently receiving global attention. With its blockchain technology and decentralized operation mode, it will bring a glimmer of hope for the establishment of a new world currency system in the future. However, at present, libra has advantages over technology and channels. In fact, the ultimate carrier tool is the transaction target of asset securitization. For the Chinese market, the evolution of the technology level, or the thinking after the policy level is touched, is difficult to predict for the time being, but one thing is certain. If the transaction is open, the biggest holder of libra may still Gradually fell into the hands of the Chinese.