B.CEO Exchange opens a 10-day CEOT platform subscription on June 28th

In order to celebrate the official launch of the emerging trading platform leader B.CEO version 3.0, B.CEO will open the CEOT platform currency subscription for 20 consecutive days from June 28 to July 7 for 10 consecutive days. The total release amount is 500000. The first round purchase price is 0.1666USDT, each person is limited to 200USDT per round, and the first release amount is only 50,000 platform tokens. CEOT holders have the qualifications for community business voting S team elections, and the holders will serve as an autonomous community that empowers participants and millions of users to maximize ecological benefits. The B.CEO Exchange is a platform that is jointly owned by Wall Street and Japan's senior quantitative trading team in Japan. It is a platform dedicated to the exchange and exchange of blockchain assets through decentralized self-organizing. Trading, OTC trading, contract trading, trading mining, wealth management supermarkets and other investment and wealth management services.