IEO share snapped up: grab money carnival and hunger games

Will you be willing to pay a 5x, 10x return with a little bit of cost? For retail investors, the IEO share snapping is a beautiful trap and a hungry game, telling you that you are earning, 5 times 10 times is not a dream. In fact, the lucky ones are always only a minority, and I hope that there will be much disappointment.

For the project side, this is a publicity and marketing that is endorsed by the game heat and the exchange; for the exchange, this is a situation that has forced it to compete for the “burning money” war of users and attention. .

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Seeing others making money is harder than losing money.

At 21 o'clock, the countdown number is beating towards the "destination".

Zhang Wei took a breath and stared at the laptop in front of him. The middle finger of his right hand hung on the Enter key on the keyboard.

The snapped-up page has already been transferred to English, because compared to the Chinese page, the English snap-up page has a "BUY" button in advance, and the amount can be preset. This is the secret that the colleague who is sharing the share tells Zhang Wei.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, every time the number changes make him nervous and excited, the hanging fingers involuntarily tremble.

When the time is up, the number “0” is like the signal flare that blooms in the dark night. It quickly enters Zhang Wei’s brain through the retina. At the same time, the keyboard sound of “嗒嗒嗒嗒” sounds, and Zhang Wei’s heart also jumps. Short and powerful, can't wait.

"the round is end", less than 2 seconds.

The blood on Zhang Weiyong's head quickly cooled down, but his fingers were constantly tapping the keyboard, like a motorcycle that was difficult to brake.

The second round of buying was even faster. At the moment when Zhang Wei started tapping the keyboard, the game was over.

Zhang Wei pushed the computer away and fell into the chair.

"Fire coin Prime first round of the snapped up, 300 million TOP 7 seconds to grab the light", "Fire coin Prime second round of buying, 450 million TOP 5 seconds to grab the light", mobile phone pop-up window flashed the news.

"What else to play, it is impossible to grab it!" Zhang Wei resentfully lost the computer and packed up the things and walked out of the office, completely giving up the last round of buying.


That night, there were 130,000 people like Zhang Wei who were involved in the game in front of the computer, but in the end only 3,764 people grabbed it, and the winning rate was 2%.

Li Li is one of the lucky 3764 people.

"I just tried it, but I didn't expect to grab it." Li Li told Shen Chain Finance.

After the three rounds of buying, TOP went online and quickly rose to 20 times. Li Li threw a part at 7 times and threw a part at 11 times.

Investing $1,000 and returning $9000, earned more than 60,000 in just one hour, "it is worth a few months' salary."

FET snapped down, Celer snapped down, and this time the TOP, Zhang Wei has participated in three snaps on two platforms, each time no gains, "seeing friends around to make money, it is more uncomfortable than losing money" .

Buying is a beautiful trap and a hungry game, telling you that you are earning, 5 times 10 times is not a dream. In fact, the lucky ones are always only a minority, and I hope that there will be much disappointment.

Make a false certificate

Like Zhang Wei’s experience, Wu Lei, a designer, is excited to participate in the rush, but they have all failed.

For Wu Lei, participating in the IEO to grab the share is purely an accident.

"In January, a buddy asked me for help, saying that I wanted to help me with a few pictures. I thought I would do a few pictures, so I agreed."

Later, Wu Lei knew that the so-called drawing is a fake P-document, the purpose is to complete the KYC certification of the currency security.

In order to avoid legal risks, the exchanges such as the currency security have restricted the identity of the rushers, and users in some countries and regions including mainland China cannot participate. Therefore, in front of investors is KYC this roadblock.

In order to complete the KYC certification, some people use overseas friends to borrow identity information, some people buy foreign KYC materials on the dark network and the black market, and others use P pictures to create fake identity…

Under the temptation of money, KYC is just a paper tiger.

On and off for a week, Wu Lei received more than 20 photos. In the process, he gradually began to understand IEO and intends to participate in it. "If you can make money, why not?"

However, KYC is not as simple as Wu Lei and his friends imagined. "More than 20 pictures of P's hard work finally passed only one," Wu Lei told Deep Chain Finance.

I haven’t started making money yet, and I’ve got a thousand dollars to buy identity photos. Why didn't he pass KYC, Wu Lei and his friends couldn't figure it out.

After more than half a month of repeated trial and error, Wu Lei finally figured out the secret of passing KYC.

“In fact, identity photos are only part of the KYC certification, and there are some important details to be aware of.”

Wu Lei found that in order to successfully register an account and complete KYC, the information on the website must be consistent with the photo information. The photo size should be within 1M, and the name should be named after 1, 2, 3 or a, b, c. . The most important thing is that when registering an account, the IP address should be fixed in a place overseas and cannot be changed at will.

Just as Wu Lei pondered KYC, the friends circle, the coin community, and even the second-hand trading platform had information on selling KYC, because the second project of the currency FET will soon be online. The wealth effect of BTT has attracted a large number of people. Those who have tasted the sweetness hope to continue good luck, and those who miss it are looking forward to making up the ticket and making a big profit.

"In less than an hour, I can complete the P map and account registration, with a success rate of 99%." For the KYC certification, Wu Lei is already familiar with it.

"Other people's KYC certification sells 1,500 pieces. If I sell 500, can I take a lot of business?" Wu Lei is joking with friends who are speculating.

Three points by hard work, seven days are doomed

Compared with Zhang Wei and Wu Lei, Li Sen’s luck can be said to be very good.

Li Sen participated in the share of grabbing, simply because he tasted the sweetness of BTT.

However, at the beginning, the BTT share that did not need to be snapped up was in front of him, and he was hesitant to vote for Lisen.

"At the time, there was a friend who was a 'an angel of angels', that is, the early investors and participants of the currency. When the BTT was launched, the currency gave them a quota of 20,000 US dollars per person. My friend also I don't know what will happen after BTT goes online. I don't dare to vote so much, so I divided these shares into some friends."

When the currency and the wave field announced the launch of BTT, many people including Li Sen were not optimistic. In Li Sen’s view, on the one hand, the circulation is too large, close to one trillion. “Isn’t this a cut of leeks?” On the other hand, in 2018, various lCO projects went bankrupt, which caused a big shadow on the market. "Everyone is afraid of it."

However, Li Sen in turn thought of his regret that he missed the wave field before – 200 times the increase.

In addition, Li Sen is also thinking, Sun Yuchen and the money security have money, will they care about these chips in the hands of retail investors?

Opportunities and risks, investment or not, a pendulum swings around Li Sen's heart.

"Pan! Even if it really will return to zero in the future." Li Sen intends to fight.

"Reviewing 2018, no matter how I analyze, operate, buy or sell, I will lose money. Since they are losing money, why don't I change a few ways to lose money? Maybe there is still a chance?" Telling Deep Chain Finance why he made up his mind.

On January 26, Li Sen called the money to a friend. After a week, BTT went online and directly doubled it.

After that, Li Sen asked Hong Kong friends to obtain the documents and materials, completed the KYC of the currency security, and prepared to participate in the next panic buying. And waiting for him is not only the currency, but also the exchanges and projects of fire coins, OKEx, KuCoin and so on.

From 2017 lCO to today's IEO, many times of buying experience let Li Sen sum up a set of his own "methodology."

"First of all, the computer is good, the network speed is good. This is the basis. You must use the desktop computer for the share. I have tested the MacbookPro and the desktop with high speed. The speed of the desktop is much faster. Don't refresh the entry page. The refreshed ranking depends on the ranking. After that; pre-purchase proofreading computer time and network time; before buying, you can open another sell order page, throw it away if you don’t grab it…"

With this set of secrets, Li Sen is "no disadvantage" in snapping up.

Although every time I snapped up, I was able to grab it. However, Li Sen was very clear about this matter: "Strength only takes three points, and more depends on luck."

Hungry exchanges

The story of the snap-up share began in January, the currency restarted the LaunchPad, and the wave field jointly launched the BTT, using a first-come-first-served limited-buy mode.

BTT climbed five times as soon as it went online, and then nearly 10 times. People who grabbed BTT quickly tasted the sweetness.

The IEO and BTT of the coin are like a stimulant, which makes the bear market that has been faint and long-lived a "spirit" , which not only awakens investors who no longer care about the price of the currency and stays away from the market, but also awakens the stagnation project. Fang, even awakened the long-lost trading platform.

Since April, many exchanges, including Firecoin, OKEx, KuCoin, and BGG, have launched platforms similar to LaunchPad, and they have launched their own purchases and participated in this game about IEO.

The first phase of the fire coin Prime TOP Network opened up more than 20 times; the price of the OKEx platform was announced by the first project, the forecast time of the building block, up 17% in 24 hours; in the Kucoin share, many scripts were added to the game, only to improve Grab the rate…

For the rusher, this is a gambling game that requires a price. If you want to buy a platform, you can make a profit if you buy it. If the rush fails, you will have to bear the loss caused by the falling of the platform.

On March 19, after the purchase of the Celer, the BNB fell from $15.8 before the purchase to $15. On March 26, after the TOP was over, the price of HT fell from $2.50 to $2.26. On April 3, KuCoin After the share snapped up, the platform currency KCS quickly fell from a high of $2.50 to $1.75, and then fell all the way, now maintaining at $1.46, a drop of over 40%.

If you buy a KCS of $3,600 at a high of $2.50 in order to snap up the share, the current loss is close to $10,000.

For the project side and the exchange, this is a publicity marketing, endorsed by the game heat and the exchange, a war for users and attention.

Since the second half of 2018, the winter and the bear market have swept the entire currency circle. Most of the projects on the line have been broken, and even the exchanges at the top of the food chain of the cryptocurrency industry have been difficult. The small exchanges have closed down. The daily trading volume and trading volume of the exchanges also fell in a cliff-like manner. Active users began to quiet, and quiet users slowly lost…

"This is essentially a game of mutual traffic in the circle. The traffic you robbed may not be able to survive, but if you don't grab it, your traffic will be stolen by others. So other exchanges have to enter their own to keep their own. user."

In the case of Cheng Cheng, the person in charge of Blackpool, no one would think that the IEO of the currency has actually set off a boom, and a large number of investors flocked to the share of the money, which made the exchanges such as the fire currency and OKEx feel bad. A deep sense of crisis.

So the exchange and the project side "collusion" to fight against the currency, and hope that in this hunger game does not fall. The specific way is to burn money to "subsidize" users, just like casinos send gamblers.

According to the data analysis of Blackpool, at present, only the traffic of the currency security is true in all exchanges, and it can undertake tens of millions of shipments. For other exchanges, if the exchange and the project party do not pay for the bottom, the currency The price performance will be quite ugly.

"For the project side, if it is for the purpose of making money, it will be very difficult. If it is for the purpose of marketing, it will cost more than 20 million to create a sound value. For the exchange, if The project side is not willing to spend money to play, how long can this game last?"

At around 12 noon on April 2, Bitcoin began to skyrocket. It once climbed from $4,188 to $5,000. It was exciting and doubtful: Is the bull market coming? Regarding the skyrocketing of Bitcoin, there is a voice that IEO has spurred the market and led to the rise of Bitcoin.

It is not known whether the bull market will be opened up, but this hunger game about IEO will not go far.

(Source: Deep Chain Deepchain)

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