PwC EMEA blockchain leader: From the perspective of economics, the name of the stable currency is wrong

Babbitt News, recently, Pall China (PwC) Strategy EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) blockchain Daniel Diemer accepted an interview with Babbitt, "I don't agree with the name of stable currency because they Unstable, they are essentially related to something, such as legal currency, etc. From an economic point of view, this title is wrong. However, this concept is very interesting. For example, Libra of Facebook is adopting the same way, they want Let Libra avoid excessive volatility. Higher stability is a good thing for cryptocurrencies, and users may also want more stability. The emergence of Libra, the participation of technology giants is conducive to the development of the entire industry, we need some big projects, need A lot of support and talent participation are required. However, Libra is only releasing a white paper and it is not yet online. I think there will be many changes when it is actually online. In general, I think it will have a great impact on the industry ecosystem."