R3 Asia Pacific Solution Architecture Director: Libra's success is determined by the market

Babbitt News, recently, R3 Asia Pacific solution architecture director TomMenner said in an exclusive interview with Babbitt, "I think many people agree that Libra will bring benefits to the whole industry, we also think so. Libra makes blockchain and encryption Money is more well known and people are starting to think more. I think we are moving away from discussing the blockchain and moving on to discussing blockchain-based applications and solutions. I don't care about blockchains. In a sense, I I don't care about Corda or Libra, but care about it as a payment system, or insurance system, etc. I don't even care if it's based on a blockchain. So I think Libra makes this idea a step further. Is Libra a kind? Blockchain or cryptocurrency, some people complain that Libra is not a blockchain, who cares? As long as it makes payment simpler, it doesn't matter whether it uses blockchain or DLT. Whether Libra can succeed is another problem. This will be determined by the market."