Data show: ETH Dapp transaction volume rose 98.93% last week

According to RatingToken data, the active users of EOS/ETH/TRON's three major public-chain platforms yesterday were: EOS (11692), up 22.84% from last week; ETH (22557), up 1.85% from last week, reaching nearly a week. The highest value; TRON (58677), up 19.32% from last week. In terms of transaction volume, yesterday's EOS Dapp transaction volume was 218,5975.6 EOS, up 20.37% from last week; ETH Dapp transaction volume was 53947.15 ETH, up 98.93% from last week, also reaching the highest value in the past week; TRON Dapp transaction amount was 345380290.1TRX, year-on-year. Last week, it fell by 29.53%.