Li Lin, founder of the fire coin, opened a personal WeChat public account to exchange industry and work information.

Li Lin, the founder and CEO of the fire coin, opened the personal WeChat public account (public name "Li Lin Leon") today, and issued a document saying: "In recent years, I have been using personal micro-signals and friends to express my views and communicate with you. Due to the limitation of personal micro-signal (mainly the upper limit of 5000 friends), the use of the process is inconvenient. Therefore, I would like to exchange industry and work information through the personal public number." And said that the topics that the public number hopes to discuss include: 1. Topics related to the development of the blockchain industry; 2. Topics on strategy, management and development of the Firecoin Company; 3. Other topics of personal interest to me. The contents that will not be discussed are: 1. Blockchain Token price forecast; 2. Blockchain Token investment and recommendations.