Bitcoin encounters long and short double kills, how should the market go?

Since March this year, BTC has risen by more than two months in a short period of more than two months, and the increase rate is as high as 300%+. In recent days, the number of transactions has been released, and there are signs of a summit. According to historical trends, the follow-up may fall into violent fluctuations. Need to pay attention to 4 things to judge.

Yesterday, bitcoin accelerated upwards, prompting everyone to pay attention to the risk of falling back. Today, BTC refused to call back, and once again, it rose sharply again and there was a huge amount of trading volume. This is a very dangerous signal. The subsequent trend confirms the banker’s trick. .

BTC fell 15% in 1 hour and 2% in 2 hours. The dealer successfully harvested futures shorts and longs. BitMEX's 24-hour trading volume reached a record high of 11.19 billion US dollars. OKEx's BTC quarterly contract also set a record. The highest single day transaction. Behind the huge volume of transactions is a large amount of open warrants, Okex bursts of $120 million in 24 hours, Bitmex bursts out of $490 million in 24 hours, and how many people sleepless nights. This is the cruelty of financial markets, without fairness and justice. Only the game and the opponent.

The market has come to the present, what will happen next time, is it a short-term callback and continue to fly high, or turn to the downward callback? From the Bitcoin Day K line, let's analyze it.

Since March of this year, BTC has risen by more than two months in a short period of more than 300%+, and the trend is extremely fierce, which is similar to the trend of bitcoin in November 2017. In the past few days, the number of transactions has been released, and the price has reached more than 12,000 US dollars. According to the historical trend, the follow-up may fall into the market of violent fluctuations. This may be a portrayal of the market in the future, and continue to rise, but up and down. The amplitude is very large, the speed of falling back is very fast, and both sides are strangled.

Another possibility is that the market may face a stage high. From the bitcoin month K line, the top trend in 2017, the K line entity is in the range of 1.4-1.5 million US dollars, the higher price is the upper shadow line. The current BTC is calculated at a high point of 1.3-1.5 dollars. If there is no more funds flowing in to push up the market, and there is no outbreak of the altcoin market, to create a profit-making effect, and to attract more retail investors to enter the market, then This round of movement may fall into a big correction.

What kind of trend is currently, can not be judged, need to pay attention to 4 things, based on the fermentation situation to make speculation.

1. The futures contract of tomorrow will be delivered quarterly. According to the current position, a large amount of liquidation will be completed in a short period of time, which may affect the potential energy of both the long and short markets.

2. The G20 meeting of the day after tomorrow will discuss the digital currency supervision guidelines issued by the FATF, and countries may launch a feasibility plan.

In July and July, US government functions conducted a hearing on Facebook's Libra stable currency.

4. The Fed may expect interest rate cuts in July.

Operational recommendations:

BTC: The momentum of strong growth in the past few days has been temporarily slowed down by the early heavy volume retracement. From the perspective of the hourly K-line pattern, after the volume has been sold, it will soon enter the stage of shrinking and volatility adjustment. In the short-term, you need to make full replacement of the chips. After finishing the game, you will be able to usher in another rise. It is recommended to pay attention to the support of the 1-hour MA60 moving average. If you do not break the 12,000 US dollars, you can still hold the currency to rise, and the upper pressure is between 1.3-1.4 million US dollars. If the volume falls below, it means the risk is getting worse.

ETH: The trend is relatively strong. Following the rise of the pie, it broke through the pressure range of 360 dollars for a short time, but then it was disrupted by the retracement of the pie, and the profit was fleeing. The short-term support was 320 dollars. Can not live, will fall into the previous 280-320 US dollar range adjustment. Compared to other mainstream currencies, the opportunity for ETH is still there.

LTC: The trend is weak. The trend of the retracement of the pies is low this morning, and there is still some support for the disk. But this afternoon's heavy volume falls, which completely breaks the upward trend. The previous callbacks after each rise are After getting back to the support level, I got good support, but this time the volume was obviously heavy, and there was obvious panic. If I couldn’t recover more than 130 dollars in a short time, the follow-up might cause more panic, because the previous increase was really huge. There are a lot of profit-making, and there may be a situation of escaping.

EOS: The trend is very weak. In the morning, a wave of corrections, the amplitude is more than 24%. For a mainstream currency, the amplitude is huge, and the recent volume transaction is released. Focusing on the support of 6 dollars, if the volume is broken again, It will be a new round of panic. In the short term, only the recovery of 6.8 dollars, the disk is relatively safe.

BCH: The callback is still normal. The short-term 450 is supported, and the upper pressure is 500 US dollars.

XRP: The performance is not like the mainstream currency. The trend is the same as that of the altcoin. The early callback is acceptable, but another wave of heavy volume in the afternoon has broken everyone's illusions. Short-term attention to the support of 0.4 US dollars, before the pressure of 0.5 US dollars above is not broken, do not have any expectations.

A few days ago, the domestically-produced public currency of the past few years, after the wave of the bitcoin market, the upward momentum was interrupted. Fortunately, the amount of energy is not too large, facing a certain degree of support. If the market can stabilize in a short period of time, the trend is not falling, or there may be a reversal probability, so it can be observed. For more altcoins, the continuation of the phenomenon of falling and not rising has completely broken everyone's illusion of the skyrocketing of the altcoin. If there is a single skyrocketing of individual currencies, remember to fast forward and fast, and take the opportunity to escape.

risk warning:

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