CCTV Financial Channel Comments: Facebook is not a new thing

According to the Global Daily News, on June 27, CCTV commentator Liu Ge commented that, fundamentally, Libra released by Facebook (Facebook) is still only a special generation used in a specific online community or business district. Since the currency is a token, it is too idealistic to talk about the possibility of replacing it with legal tender. As a stable coin, Libra is actually nothing new.

Liu Ge is a financial commentator of CCTV, a senior reporter, and a financial writer. He has served as editor-in-chief of CCTV's financial channel "Dialogue", "CCTV China's Best Employer of the Year", director of "CCTV China Economic Annual Report", CCTV "315 Evening", and CCTV Economic Channel "China Finance and Economics" Editor-in-Chief editor. Therefore, his remarks represent CCTV's attitude to a certain extent. In the face of the release of Libra cryptocurrency by Facebook, the world's largest company with over 2 billion users, it is the first public comment of CCTV.

Liu Ge believes that before this, Gemini has issued GUSD, JPMorgan has also issued JPMcoin, and it has once triggered many Lenovos, but to this day, they have not seen any waves in the global payment system. At least under current conditions, a “global currency” that is not regulated by governments is unlikely to be accessible in countries around the world.

In fact, as Liu Ge said, the cryptocurrency itself is not a new thing. We use the most successful application of bitcoin in the current cryptocurrency to explain (current bitcoin market value exceeds one trillion), we put the entire bitcoin network Several core parts can be disassembled, distributed point-to-point transmission (also known as P2P), cryptographic algorithm (SHA256), and game theory.

Distributed peer-to-peer transmission, commercialized in the United States in 2000, was originally used to share music, movies, and software. It is the current electric stove, BT, that year's fast broadcast fast broadcast through the alliance ads to return blood, is also the data transmission method, and the Bitcoin white paper only proposed peer-to-peer transmission in 2008, new?

SHA256 is a secure hash algorithm. In fact, as early as 2001, it was released by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The algorithm standard of nearly 20 years has definitely not been new.

Not to mention game theory, it has existed between individuals since the birth of human beings, and various Bo theory models have long matured. Bitcoin has developed over the past 10 years, and the underlying rules have not changed. The game theory in the Bitcoin system is certain. Not new.

And because all the current cryptocurrencies are referenced to bitcoin, they can't escape the old technology label. Liu Ge also recognizes this essence. His expression is actually no problem.

However, the collision between old technology and old ideas did allow Bitcoin to run intact for ten years. From the original article to the current tens of thousands of market values, there were countless obstacles and no fall during the period. In human terms, it is the original currency of the Internet.

It coincides with the prevalence of the Internet, virtual currency such as Alipay balance, WeChat payment balance, replaced most of the physical currency, now we can basically complete the payment with a mobile phone, the money that I saw at the beginning has become the current The figures are also only applicable to the financial system of the past.

Most of the face-to-face is transferred to the Internet. All credits are endorsed based on the assets flowing through the platform. Each ring has to add a layer of credit cost, such as cross-border transfers, such as a lending platform, etc., and these credits can be owned by The cryptocurrency of blockchain technology is solved. From this perspective, cryptocurrency has broad prospects.

CCTV Liu Ge said that looking into the future, assuming that virtual currency is indeed a major trend in the future, then the premise of the release of “global currency” by all countries must have established a global unified payment and liquidation supervision system. What is worthy of recognition is that this road may take a long time to get through. When the big step is advanced, it will inevitably do a lot of useless work. Conversely, when the global unified payment and clearing supervision system was established, and perhaps there are already many types of Libra cryptocurrencies infiltrated into the system, what can we do?

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