Founder of precious metals company GoldMoney: Bitcoin can be interpreted as a kind of securities

According to AMBCrypto, precious metal company GoldMoney founder Roy Sebag made an analogy on Bitcoin and traditional companies on Twitter and concluded that Bitcoin is a kind of security. “Bitcoin is a kind of security,” Sebag said. “Because its history is not long enough, regulators don’t even have enough time to really understand how it works (think early Napster or Kazaa). Money and governance, the lack of formal relationship between them seems irrelevant.” Sebag classifies miners as business managers, who will receive “direct costs” or “stock appreciation” in return, ie mining incentives. The buyer is compared to the "shareholder." Sebag also said that Bitcoin may face government shutdowns like big companies in the file-sharing sector. He added that Bitcoin can also be interpreted as a kind of securities under the "SEC's Article 34 Act" and states that "this realization is based on the belief that Bitcoin and any general enterprise are not truly decentralized." However, his views have not been recognized by the majority of the encrypted community. Among them, Casa Chief Technology Officer Jameson Lopp retorted: "Roy will believe what he wants to believe. But to be clear, if he does not really participate in the Bitcoin industry, then his beliefs are not related to Bitcoin's consensus. ""