What do Bitcoin investors look like? Google's 6 pictures tell you

The tech giants are eyeing the fat of the digital currency. Following Facebook’s release of the Libra white paper, Google is also eager to start analyzing Big Bitcoin users with big data.

According to Google data, investment (speculation) is a common hobby of Bitcoin users, followed by computer, software and financial management. In addition, the data also found that Bitcoin users are basically geeks who are good at studying but relatively lonely. Of course, 2.14% of users are interested in dating.

A person's enthusiasm is inseparable from his interest, and most Bitcoin users call themselves "investment mad" and "technical fans." However, there are also some travelers, movie lovers and political enthusiasts among Bitcoin users. It seems that Bitcoin users will give themselves a fake from time to time. Men dominate the bitcoin world in an overwhelming proportion, with more than 90% of Bitcoin users being male and 9.34% of male users not yet graduated from high school.

In terms of age, nearly 50% of Bitcoin users are “millennials”, about 28.33% of users are between 35 and 44, and users over 65 are only 1.43%.

Seeing data from Google Analytics, you will think that Chrome is very popular among Bitcoin users, but you won't believe that only 1.76 percent of users use a privacy-protected browser like Opera.

Although Bitcoin users are currently very resistant to Google, 62.46% of them prefer Chrome as their browser. Although this number seems convincing, when it comes to Google's global market share of more than 90%, Bitcoin users account for 60% less.

In addition, Bitcoin users prefer to use desktop computers compared to mobile phones.

This fact may not seem interesting at first glance. However, it reveals problems with user security. When you think that nearly 80% of Internet users choose to use the mobile phone in 2018, 75% of Bitcoin users actually use the desktop.

In fact, this is not difficult to understand. From a security perspective, transactions typically require multiple screens, and users who use Mac or PC transactions are more secure than using a mobile phone. But at present, Bitcoin users seem to be not ready to use mobile transactions.

Source: Shallot APP , copyright belongs to the author.