Jiaxing Daily: Reflections on the Industrial Distribution and Transformation of the South Lake under the Background of Blockchain

On June 28th, Jiaxing Daily published the article “South Lake Reflection on Industrial Distribution and Transformation in the Context of Blockchain”. The article points out that with the continuous exploration of the potential value and huge potential of the blockchain, its demonstration and leading role has begun to drive a new wave of blockchain entrepreneurship innovation. Nanhu District seizes the opportunity of blockchain and has the advantages of capital, technology and space for industrial layout and transformation. N ideas for the development of blockchains in Nanhu District: 1. Strengthen top-level design and overall planning; 2. Use blockchain technology to promote traditional industrial transformation and upgrading; 3. Establish blockchain industry guidance funds; 4. Establish blockchain Incubator; 5. Establish a blockchain research center; 6. Invite and train talents related to the blockchain.