The rising bitcoin, the mad burning mining machine manufacturer: the real exploration of the Huaqiang North ups and downs of the mining machine rivers and lakes

Manager Yang picked up the computer on his hand and knocked out the latest price of the bitcoin miner. This is already a “rule”: Ask the price to be answered with a calculator, and the price board will always be replaced with xxx. Not busy yet, another partner in the store heard an exclaiming voice: Bitcoin was over $13,000!

This is the scene that the Securities Times reporter went to the 4th floor of Shenzhen Huaqiang North SEG Electronics Market on June 26, just heard and saw the elevator.

In 2017, bitcoin prices soared, so a “gold mine” attracted countless “miners”. In order to dig into the "gold mine", the "miner" upgraded the equipment from a common computer CPU to a professional mining machine. Shenzhen Huaqiang North is one of the world's largest distribution centers for mining machines. There were unexpected events, and bitcoin prices plummeted last year. The color of this "gold mine" has been falling down, turning into a black hole that swallows wealth.

However, the “unstable” nature of Bitcoin prices remains the same, and few people can imagine that their prices have skyrocketed in recent months. The Securities Times reporter visited Huaqiang North for many days and felt the ups and downs of the mining machine.

Traces of "escape"

There are too many myths of making wealth in Huaqiang North, including mining machines. At most, a mining machine can earn a difference of 10,000 yuan. In the past, with the popularity of virtual currency, professional mining mining machines came into being, Huaqiang North SEG electronics market became the main distribution center of mining machines.

Securities Times reporter recently came to Huaqiang North SEG Electronics Market again and found that there are still many shops operating the mining machine business, but there are also some scenes of “people going to shop out”. The card for renting a phone is placed in the middle, it seems to tell There have been some stories about "escape" in these stores.

“These stores that originally sold the miners were turned off last year. In the worst case, the entire row of shops was empty.” Manager Yang, who is engaged in the mining business in SEG Plaza, told reporters that “bitcoin prices were low last year. Mining is no longer a hot business, and selling minerals can't make any money.” He went on to say, “2017 made some money, but almost all of it was lost in 2018. The real money is the mining machine in 2017. Those who sell after they don’t sell anymore, but there are very few such people, and some people finally choose to flee the mining machine market."

"When the market was in a downturn last year, the mining machine sold on the official website of Bitcoin changed from spike to ready-to-go." Manager Yang said, "Because the pre-sales machine that has been priced, the price cannot be changed, in the case of a decline in purchasing power, Bit Continent I once took the form of a magnifying coupon to promote the hoarding of mining machines."

It is conceivable that as the price of bitcoin rebounds, many mining machines that are still operating continue to usher in the “spring”. "There are a lot of branded mining machines on the market, but many hot models have to arrive in about August." The mine sales staff at the scene told reporters.

The reporter asked the store whether to recycle the second-hand ant S9 mining machine. The store said that it was necessary to recycle enough, and now the price is about two thousand yuan. The reporter found that the price of the ant S9 mining machine sold in January last year exceeded 20,000 yuan. At the end of 2017, the ant mining machine S9 was hard to find in Huaqiang North. Although the ex-factory price was 9,700 yuan, it was once speculated by the market to nearly 30,000 yuan.

Does such a disparity in price mean that the average player's mining machine is a loss-making business? "Now the mining machine has been updated, but don't look at the price difference so much, but if you take the mine, it will not lose, bitcoin prices have gone up!" Manager Yang said with a smile. "After the bitcoin price has stabilized at least 10,000 US dollars, the mine owner has re-invested in mining to have the opportunity to offset the cost and profit. Now it is still necessary to observe whether the bitcoin price will continue to rise, but the price increase has already made the graphics card manufacturers happy. After a while, the speed of video card clearing will also speed up."

Just recently, the mining machine manufacturer Bit China released the upgraded version of the classic model S9 ant mining machine S9 SE. From the product naming point of view, the ant mining machine S9 SE is an iterative version of the ant mining machine S9. According to official data, the ant miner S9 SE has an increase of 18.5% compared with the ant miner S9, and the energy consumption ratio has decreased by 16.7%. The reporter saw on the official website of Bitco, that many models including the ant mining machine S9 SE have been sold out. In Huaqiang North, some stores said that this model should sell more than 3,000 yuan, and there is no spot.

However, the reporter also found that many shops operating the mining business also operate computer assembly and accessories business, as is the case with Mr. Huang. "I used to sell only mining machines, but I was scared by the wave of the last year. At that time, selling computers was still more profitable than selling mineral machines. In fact, the money for selling mining machines was not enough to pay rent. Although the market is good now, but for the sake of Steady, or do both business together."

Mining machine manufacturers listed "just want to move"

A small mining machine, after buyers purchase from Huaqiang North, may be sent to mines thousands of miles away. The reporter contacted a senior investor in a large VC institution in Beijing who had invested in a mine. He said that the mines he invested in are currently mainly in Sichuan, Guizhou, Chongqing, the United States and Canada, with the increase in bitcoin prices. The price of mining machines has also risen. At present, China's mainstream mines want to buy more, but the supply of mining machines is difficult to keep up. Take the traditional S8 mining machine as an example, it has soared from less than 800 yuan at the end of last year to 3,000 yuan. It is understood that the important reason for the inability of the mining machine to supply in time is that the current major suppliers focus on domestic chip manufacturers do not have the production line to do the mining machine chip, to meet the needs of the "coin circle" mining. The big mines had all been prepared to purchase reserve mines in bulk, especially in Sichuan mines, but at the end of last year, many miners with small mines “turned around” because of the bad bitcoin market. Most of them are being sold.

A miner with more than 2,000 mining machines told reporters that it was not easy to come from the most difficult days. The mining machine that was almost sold as scrap iron has now become a toon, and there are many overseas buyers of fried coins. They are talking to him about the acquisition of mining machines.

Recently, bitcoin prices have continued to rise after breaking through the $10,000 mark, and have recently surpassed the $12,000 and $13,000 mark, which is the bitcoin price that once again broke through $10,000 since the end of 2017. Lan Hongming, director of Qifu Capital Investment, believes that the reasons for the surge in bitcoin prices include that mainstream institutions are beginning to recognize the value of Bitcoin, and financial institutions and Internet giants are all entering the world of digital assets; some investors see Bitcoin as a A safe-haven asset, and bitcoin production is about to halve.

With the recent recovery of the virtual currency market, the mining industry has once again prospered. Not only has the mining business of Huaqiang North been ignited, but the listing enthusiasm of mining machine manufacturers has been re-ignited.

According to overseas media, mining giant Billion International is considering going public on the US market. On June 21, the prospectus submitted by Yibang International on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange has been shown to be invalid. Before that, Yibang International submitted an application for the prospectus to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in June and December last year. It is worth noting that after the mining machine manufacturers have smashed the HKEx, including Jianan Zhizhi and Bitian, they are interested in re-adjusting the listing to the United States. However, none of the above messages have been answered by the relevant companies.

Fire Code CEO Long Dian said that the current cost of digging a bitcoin is about 30,000 yuan. The market price of bitcoin is already higher than this price. Many big customers will choose to open their own mines to mine. Naturally, Will bring great demand to mining machine manufacturers. In addition, the price of Bitcoin skyrocketing will have a huge impact on the mining machine manufacturers. The soaring price of the currency will cause the price and demand of the mining machine to rise linearly. The collapse of the currency price will cause the mining machine to become scrap iron. Many mines have closed down in accordance with the situation of “jin”. Therefore, the prospect of mining machine manufacturers is closely related to the changes in bitcoin prices.

Some market participants said that many companies, including the listed US blockchain company Riot Blockchain, are also operating the speculative mining business. Recently, the stock price has risen sharply, which is also a relatively good listing for the mining machine manufacturers. window.

Out of the SEG electronics market, the weather is late, and there are fewer pedestrians on the road. The mining machine shops in Huaqiang North also ended the day's business, but their "business" was not broken: they would release the goods through WeChat every day, and they would like to take advantage of the bitcoin price recovery to make a profit. However, they do not know how the price of the currency will change, and what changes will happen to the rivers and lakes of the mining machine. In the eyes of many people, mining, mining machines and mines are far from real “big data”. It doesn't need to have too many technical thresholds, or it will become a game of capital.

Source: Securities Times

Reporter Wu Jiaming Li Mingzhu