Monitoring shows: wave field SPOKpark is subject to transaction rollback attack

According to the blockchain security company PeckShield monitoring, from 0:00 to 3:00 am today, the hacker at the beginning of the TM66Bg address has launched a transaction rollback attack on the wave field DApp game by creating multiple contracts, and has earned 50,845 TRX, the current SPOKpark main contract balance has been zero, and the website is inaccessible. PeckShield security personnel analyzed that the game draw was on the chain and in the same transaction, so it was vulnerable to rollback attacks. Previously, PeckShield has disclosed that many wavefield DApps have been dealt back to the rollback attack. It is reminded that DApp developers should be alert to the continued spread of such transaction rollback attacks, filter contract players, and contact security vendors in time to avoid further loss of digital assets.