PlatON Cloud Graphics announces the use of PPoS+CBFT to reduce consensus costs and strengthen the coupling between public and economic activities

In the early morning of June 28th, Beijing time, Platon Yuntu released a blue book called “A Blockchain-based Infrastructure for Privacy Computing and Distributed Economies” by its chief economist Zou Chuanwei at the North American exchange meeting in San Francisco. In the Blue Book, the principle of the public-chain economic model is systematically explained from the theoretical point of view, and the Platoon cloud map will be adopted to adopt the PPoS+CBFT model in order to reduce the consensus cost as much as possible; strengthen the economic activities of the public chain and the economic activities supported by the public chain. The coupling between the data and the market for computing power provides support for the value of PlatON's built-in Token-Energon and endogenously inhibits the expansion of the pool around the Platon chain to ensure the decentralization of the Platon chain. The three major goals of security. At this point, the global PoS public chain has added a strong member, and the staking economy has continued to grow from 2019.