BM finds a verifiable two-player game on the chain

According to WhaleEx, in the morning, BM appeared in the telegraph group and the community members had a heated discussion. The following is an important summary: 1. I am looking for a two-player competitive game that can be verified on the chain, such as Go, Chess, Checkers. Or poker. Later, Ey Café Block CEO Syed said that I made a game contract a few months ago, you can look at it. BM said that this game is complicated? Ideally, a computer that wins a game is a bad choice, and a good game should end up with a draw. 2. Subsequently, some community members said that chess is a deceptive game, and players with good algorithms can win. BM joked that chess is a PoW consensus mechanism? Imagine what BP would be chosen by the best chess masters? 3. Finally, community members ask, are you looking for a certain type of game? When people play against each other, can people rely on personal skills to defeat the machine? BM said that as long as it is a deterministic game, randomness is ok, but people can rely on skills to win.