Suspected early members of the Libra team to release competitive projects

Recently, a Twitter user @Daniel Fitzwlliam said on his Twitter, “I was involved in the early design of Facebook's blockchain project Libra, and was invited to join the Facebook blockchain application project team in 2017 to study a set of goals. In addressing the issue of global currency exchange and use, the Libra project. At the end of 2018, due to serious disagreements with the Facebook team on Libra's development model, the Facebook team wanted to make a coalition chain that introduced regulation and endorsed through powerful institutions, but In violation of the blockchain spirit, blockchain technology must serve everyone, not a specific group of people, and should not set a threshold. Libra should be a completely open source and sufficiently private currency system, but they (Facebook) want every Personal information of users. Facebook claims that Libra is a stable currency endorsed by asset reserves, but it is actually a worthless point. What is its real value? Is it the asset reserve behind it? The old way of USDT? To be honest, Libra is extremely stupid now because we can't develop Libra in the future. In consensus, all of me left the team with Facebook. What I didn't expect was that Libra had followed my idea of ​​SDR (Special Drawing Rights), but it seems to be logically unreasonable." He is still on Twitter. Said that he developed the blockchain payment project SilkPay and the cryptocurrency SLP.