Halving the market: Is your bitcoin halved?

Not surprisingly, the Bitcoin market continued and slammed into the $13,000 mark. For such a radical market, all market forecasts were pale and powerless. After all, the market sentiment that was mobilized would not turn off in a short time.

If at the beginning of the year, someone told Caesar that in June, Bitcoin would soon skyrocket to $13,000, and it would be ruthlessly black and contemptuous.

The market has never been predictable. What is the reason why Bitcoin has risen so fast, the reasons behind it are worth discussing.

Bo Yun’s international situation, the escalation of Sino-US trade frictions, and the indirect bitcoin’s early conclusion of the bull market have, to a certain extent, stood still. However, we need to understand that bitcoin is not caused by a single incident, which is an external factor.

The reason for the rise is a series of events.

The growth of the cryptocurrency market itself has brought more investors, plus the basis for halving expectations of Bitcoin next year. From the beginning of the year, the currency IEO was hot, stirring up the deadly trading volume. Market sentiment, separated from pessimism, reached a state of calm. Wall Street is accelerating the layout of the encrypted goods market, from the radicalization of Fidelity Asset Management, to the release of the recent hot Libra white paper, which provides a very clear signal that large institutions have entered the stage of rushing, and Bitcoin ignores any pressure. And resistance.

A set of market combinations punched down, and hardly saved the cryptocurrency from a mourning bear market, and opened up a magnificent market. Although it is not a real mad cow, the Mavericks market is well deserved.

Mavericks market, do you think everyone is making money? not necessarily.

Yesterday, a popular paragraph said:

The biggest sorrow of the currency people is that the increase in Bitcoin has been on the hot search. Friends from all circles have asked you, are you not playing Bitcoin? I have earned a lot recently? You can only take a deep breath, but helplessly answer: You don't understand.

Just right, another paragraph: halving the market, the bitcoin in your hands is also reduced by half.

Although it is a paragraph, it fully explains the truth. This argument has risen. The vast majority of the altcoin has not risen more than bitcoin, and even the exchange rate against BTC is even lower than last year's bear market.

I did a survey on a social conversation last night. The results are shown below:

From the small sample survey, the rich people only accounted for 22%, the loss group accounted for 34%, and the assets without change accounted for 43%. Perfectly in line with the 28 law, that is, the two-tier investors in the financial market make money, and the eight-tier investors lose money.

People who have not changed their assets have lost a lot of money in terms of opportunity cost. Since Bitcoin has risen nearly four times since the beginning of the year, the same amount of French currency assets has actually shrunk by three-quarters.

Unless the big bull market, the basic situation of the market will be the case that the altcoin will not rise, because the bull market consensus has not been reached, and this round of the Mavericks can only be regarded as a bitcoin bull market in a certain sense, not encrypted. The carnival of money.

Of course, Bitcoin has less than one year to halve, and the time is still relatively abundant. The grand opening of the market in advance has similarities with that of 2016. The difference is that the road to increase in 2016 is only after the halving of Bitcoin. The size of the encryption market is not what it used to be. Any point of the wind and grass is very easy to receive the attention of national regulatory authorities.

This is not the case. At the moment of Caesar's writing, the Indian version of 94 came. After all, it is still coming. In the early days, the Indian financial regulatory authorities drafted the speculative and currency-controlled drafts have been submitted to the Indian Legislative Council, and the Indian exchange Koinex announced the permanent termination. All the digital asset trading services on the platform, of course, the internationally incomprehensible exchanges, or the face of the Indian people, known as the famous exchanges in India, then the bitcoin price in the station fell to 4795$, the remaining 26 pairs The average number of Indian rupee transactions fell by around 50%.

Feeling familiar, China 94, when you Bitcoin China announced the closure of trading services, Bitcoin is also leading the decline in the global market, the Indian cryptocurrency market is not enough to have a significant impact on the global cryptocurrency, short-term may be slightly expressed, I believe soon Will regain lost ground and get on the right track.

If the bull market continues, the story of the wolf will not be too small. If such news appears in a bear market, it will basically not rebound after the plunge, and will continue to fall all the way. The bull market will not, only a slight correction will occur. Need to worry too much. It is the law of experience, and the advantage of the situation is profit.

Remember one: every round of uptrend, any bad is a scam, every round of downtrend, any rebound is an escape opportunity.

The speculative coin is a practice, the subsistence can see the rainbow, and countless people have entered the scene with impatience. They have a common feature: they are eager to make money, and they don’t have much money to make fast. Money, there are ways to make money in the currency circle, they will not go to research, they are studying to let others answer the white questions unconditionally, instead of learning the cognition themselves, it is not a reason to rise, it falls. Fear of cutting meat. No matter in any market, it is a white mouse to be cut.

In fact, every cryptocurrency investor is adding to the whole market. There is no difference between good and bad. The early participants used their wisdom and ability to earn wealth. It is a matter of course. After all, the sadness behind each wealth is self-aware. The only thing a qualified investor has to do is to fear the market. When the market gives you negative feedback, you have to accept all the receipts. When the market gives you positive feedback, you must be humble.

Author: Bitcoin Caesar