Economic Daily: Stay away from illegal Internet fundraising with the "blockchain" and "virtual currency" as the guise

On June 28th, the Economic Daily published a document "The criminals swindled and swindled with the banner of "blockchain", "virtual currency" and "householding the elderly" – away from the Internet illegal fundraising. The article pointed out that in recent days, illegal fund-raising activities have been characterized by “cross-domain access to the Internet”. There are frequent cases in the field of Internet financial platforms. Some lawless elements use “blockchain”, “virtual currency”, “householding for the elderly”, etc. The banner carried out illegal fund-raising activities, which greatly damaged the interests of the people. The relevant staff of the regulatory authorities indicated that they must be vigilant if they raise funds from the public in the following situations. Including "seeing advertisements, earning extra money" and "consumer rebates" as the scorpion; taking overseas investment equity, options, foreign exchange, precious metals, etc. as the scorpion; investing in virtual currency, blockchain, etc. as a scorpion.