Long: You can understand Bystack from the bottom, foreground, background, etc.

Babbitt reported that on June 28th, the Bystack Flint Program – Consensus Node Recruitment Global Campaign was held in Beijing. Babbitt, the founder of the original chain, explained in his speech entitled "Bystack Development Vision", "Why do you have to do Bystack after Bytom?" He pointed out that "a single public chain is difficult to solve decentralization and efficiency." The binary paradox is safe in layer1, and improving efficiency in layer2 may be the future direction. So you can understand Bystack in this way: understand from the bottom, Bystack=Bytom operating system; understand from the background, Bystack=BaaS/developer Platform; from the front desk, Bystack = DAPP store; from a commercial perspective, Bystack = Bytom commercial version."