BBFT consensus inventor Wang Wei: POS+BBFT is more suitable for commercial environment

Babbitt reported on the scene that on June 28th, the Bystack Flint Project – Consensus Node was recruited by the Global Bank (Beijing Station). Senior blockchain architect and BBFT consensus inventor Wang Wei shared the topic "Original Bystack Side Chain: Architecture, Optimization, Performance". He said: "Many people mistakenly require POW in a commercial environment. In fact, as a consensus of the public chain, there is no safer way than POW. The promotion of TPS will increase the possibility of bifurcation. We believe that the POS+BBFT model will More suitable for commercial environments, and this is the way Bystack takes. Currently based on our test data, verify 20,000 per second, the confirmation time is 0.6 seconds, and the split rate is 0.27%."