Beijing Mujin Association released the risk warning to continue to be vigilant in investing in the virtual currency market

According to the Securities Times, the Beijing Internet Finance Industry Association said today that the international virtual currency market has warmed up recently. Some people or companies have developed “digital currency”, “blockchain” and “financial innovation” with scientific research units and academic institutions. In the name of research or academic promotion, he began to publicize various illegal financial assets such as virtual currency and virtual assets, and confuse domestic investors to participate in virtual currency transactions, mines, and virtual exchanges. Such illegal investment behavior relies on the Internet and chat tools to rent overseas websites to build websites, conduct activities for domestic investors, and remotely control the implementation of illegal transactions, claiming that “the currency value is rising again”, “the investment period is short, the income is high, and the risk is low”. , has a strong deceptive. In practice, the criminals manipulated the so-called virtual currency price movements, set profit and cash withdrawal thresholds, etc., to attract investors to invest funds, and to attract investors to join the development, and constantly expand the pool of funds to illegally profit. The Association reminds investors to establish a correct monetary concept and investment philosophy, enhance the awareness of risk prevention, recognize the nature of relevant models, do not believe in the promise of smallpox, do not blindly follow the trend, always be alert to speculative risks and avoid loss of property.