Ao Bencong went to the United States and Kleiman to file a lawsuit: Nakamoto Satoshi is about to be revealed?

True and false, in the past eleven years, Nakamoto’s identity case has always been a hot topic. This Friday, Oban will be welcoming his battle for fate.

Block Rhythm BlockBeats news, Craig Wright, the man who claims to be the creator of Bitcoin, will travel to the courts in Florida, USA today, waiting for him to be a tough test, the founder of Bitcoin The birth gate is a pending case involving billions of dollars. If you can't prove yourself, waiting for Ao Bencong will be a penal punishment, even more serious.

If the "Zhongben Cong" can't provide the details of the bitcoins he dug at the founding stage, he will face civil litigation and even criminal proceedings. He is about to face a group of cryptographers. These people insisted that the "evidence" that Craig Wright had previously provided was all forged.

Dave Kleiman, a well-known computer security expert, died in 2013. His family started a year-long lawsuit against Ao Bencon last year. The lawsuit mentioned an astonishing "fact": Kleiman helped Ou Ben Conghua's name "Zhong Bencong" and jointly created Bitcoin, and after Kleiman's death, Ao Ben Cong tried to swallow the 1.1 million bitcoins that had been dug at that time.

The Tulip Trust, a confidential trust that claims to have kept Obimoto's millions of bitcoins, was also asked to disclose more details. Previously, Ownen Cong had claimed to have locked all Bitcoin in the trust. All of this is self-speaking and there is still not enough convincing evidence.

Although Wright has provided mining records and addresses for the first 70 bitcoins in the creation block, the chief scientist of the nChain (BSV development team) has repeatedly claimed that the remaining huge bitcoin is not in his hands. A May internal encrypted file shows that Wright plans to unlock this huge bitcoin in batches to himself and the beneficiaries of the Tulip Trust in accordance with Shamir's plans in the coming period.

Wright claims that he can't control the huge amount of money because the private key is distributed among several different agencies, which obviously does not constitute a compelling reason. Ira Kleiman's attorney tightly grasped this and tried to give Wright direct evidence.

In order to win the game on Friday, Kleiman's heirs sent a notice to the court yesterday, and cryptographer Dr. Matthew J. Edman will appear in the courtroom. Edman previously assisted the FBI in filing a lawsuit against the founder of the Silk Road, Ross Ulbricht, who publicly claimed that Wright's evidence was all false.

As a counterattack, Ao Bencong also submitted a notice to the court today, a list of his own helper encryption experts, it is no accident that this expert is himself – "China / Australia Ben Cong".