Announcement | IRIS Foundation's first implementation of the Compulsory Destruction Plan

On June 28, 2019, the IRIS Foundation executed the first destruction based on the one-year certificate destruction plan. A total of 19,189,722 IRIS certificates were destroyed through two transactions. The total amount of IRIS certificates is currently 2 billion. One.

The IRIS certificate of this destruction involves two addresses of the Foundation's Ecological Development Fund , namely:

The main address of the Ecological Development Fund, destroying 10,084,937 IRIS passes:


The Eco-Development Fund entrusted the proceeds to extract addresses and destroyed 9,104,785 IRIS passes:


Two destruction transactions can be queried via the browser :

· 922CE88161421A17688F87FCD7FA0D4ECF511E2895DDB0A4C088DE37E625E939

· 42D27EA4BFF0BEDD3FD8B7B50A2567F4E59EFCBC86383D7594822AC95844701D

CoinMarketCap can be used to check the latest total and liquidity of IRIS Pass:


Before destruction


After destruction


Relevant information

Announcement | IRIS Foundation will destroy part of the certificate to support ecological sustainability

On June 5, 2019, the IRIS Foundation officially announced a one-year certificate destruction plan. To support the continued development of the IRISnet ecosystem, the IRIS Foundation will destroy the last working day at the end of each quarter in the first year after IRISnet goes online. The IRIS certificate, which is equivalent to the amount of inflation in the same period, to achieve the initial level of 2 billion IRIS certificate after each destruction.

IRISnet Public Pass Address: