Coinbase does not support Lightning Network, the company has done it for it.

On Wednesday, Bitcoin startup Bitrefill announced that users of the US mainstream cryptocurrency exchange and wallet service provider Coinbase can use their full set of lightning network services directly through the exchange account.

Lightning network

The service comes from Bitrefill's Thor API, which allows users of multiple platforms to instantly open custom channels on Lightning networks via Bitrefill nodes—whether or not they provide native support for Lightning Networks. They can also pay Lightning Network invoices directly from their Coinbase account.

The Lightning Network mitigates Bitcoin's scalability limitations by opening state channels between users, which keep most transactions offline and only need to record the final results through the underlying blockchain.

After the launch of the service, the user has demonstrated the transaction process on Bitreill. Some users said that it took about 3 minutes to transfer funds from their Coinbase account to their Lightning Network Wallet.


Lightning network payments have gradually entered the daily trading scene. A few months ago, Moon, a cryptocurrency payment processing company, released a web browser extension that allows consumers to shop on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon with Lightning Network Wallet.

Last year, the blockchain app Lightning Ramp expected Bitrefill to connect third-party lightning network services to Coinbase and release an alpha demo version of its solution.

While Bitrefill launched the service, Coinbase is still hesitant to support Lightning Networks, and Brian Armstrong, the chief executive of the exchange, seems to have hinted in January 2019:

“Bitcoin remains the most popular asset for new customers and long-term hodler on Coinbase. It’s great to see steady progress, including the popularity of lightning networks.”