Incarnate "bitcoin old iron", Edward Snowden revealed that in 2013, he began to use Bitcoin to buy servers.

On June 27, the National Security Agency whistle-blower, Edward Snowden, revealed at Bitcoin 2019 that the server he used to leak thousands of documents to reporters was using bits. The currency is paid.

EXCLUSIVE NSA whislteblower Edward Snowden is immortalized in streetart

In 2013, Snowden served as a subcontractor to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). At the time, he disclosed that telecom companies and the US government were involved in large-scale surveillance projects that would steal phone records from unsuspecting Americans.

Snowden made the speech in Russia via a video link. He described the ability to trade and exchange without being monitored and recorded "as the basis of all rights" and stated that in a highly monitored era, Bitcoin helps to pass privacy.

He also warned that smartphones and social networks will have a detrimental effect on our privacy in the future, adding:

“In the past, the government could monitor you, but now it all happens on the devices we pay for. When we do this, privacy is no longer the status quo, and freedom is no longer the natural state of things.”

Snowden has already obtained a three-year residence permit in Russia. He also insists that the principle behind privacy is not to hide anything.

On other occasions, Snowden refutes criticism that Bitcoin is mainly used by criminals, saying: "The number of criminals using the US dollar is much higher."

Last year, Snowden expressed concern about Bitcoin, claiming that the blockchain of this cryptocurrency is “extremely open” and vulnerable to abuse.

At the time, he expressed his support for ZCash, claiming that it was the "most interesting" competition on the market due to ZCash's privacy settings. ·