Analysis of the market: Bitcoin is about to break out of the mainstream currency

In the early morning, the offensive was launched again, but it was blocked at $12,500. The trend remained volatile and the pressure from above was also increasing. The trend is about to enter the momentum.

At 8 o'clock yesterday, the current BTC net inflow of 460 million US dollars, compared with the previous day's large outflow of funds, yesterday also successfully received a wave of funds back, if today can stand firm 12,000 US dollars continue to trigger the return of funds, the trend will soon stand again A $13,000 trial kicked off the high point.


On the BTC daily chart, the Bollinger Bands are kept up, the upward pressure is released again, and the Bollinger Bands are currently at $13,000. The next upside target will be here, yesterday’s Yang X, which is closed to the long shadow. The bullish support below is strong.

Today's trend is standing at the 5-day moving average. The 5-day moving average, the 10-day moving average, and the 30-day moving average remain in a long position. The trend continues to maintain an upward breakout. The MACD on the chart is running on the 0-axis. Recently, the amount of energy has accumulated to a very high degree. STOCH forms a golden cross on the 50 horizontal line, and the RSI runs up on the 80 horizontal line. Today's BTC trend has formed an upward trend, so today's operation strategy is mostly based on :

The callback followed up at $12,000-12200 to see $12,500. Once it broke, it continued to hold $13,000. If it was blocked at $13,000, it could be followed by a light warehouse to see $12,500. Stop loss and develop good operating habits.


ETH Ethereum's daily line level Brin open up but there is a sign of flattening, the 5-day moving average remains parallel to suppress the trend, the 10-day moving average keeps going up, forming support under the trend, MACD on the 0-axis down the chart The quantity can continue to flow out, and the STOCH keeps the downward attitude through the 50 horizontal line, and the RSI continues to run in parallel.

Today's ETH trend has formed a downward trend of the shock, so the operation recommendations are mainly bearish , rebounding bearish in the 315-320 US dollars to follow the empty single to see 300-305 dollars, if you continue to break the 300 dollars in the holding continue to see 285 Dollar.


The XRP trend remained in the middle and lower rail zone of the Bollinger Band at the daily level. Yesterday, a negative K with a long lower shadow was received. Although it is still in the down channel, the support below the bulls is sufficient. The MACD on the 0 axis in the figure is on the 0 axis. The formation of the dead fork, but the amount of finishing can be small, STOCH down to the 20 horizontal line, RSI tends to be parallel in the 50 horizontal line.

The overall trend of XRP is a downward trend. The operation is recommended to be empty , and the rebound is 0.40 USD at 0.42-0.43 USD. If the break continues to hold 0.38 USD, when the short position is 0.4 USD The amount can be followed up at 0.4 USD, and the support below is strong, and the follow-up will break out here.


The current trend of LTC is adjusted near the lower rail of the Bollinger Band. There is a tendency to suggest a bottom at the bottom. The Bollinger Band has an opening condensation. The 5-day moving average continues to contact the 30-day moving average and wears down. The trend has been further suppressed. The MACD continues to be heavy. The STOCH goes down at 50 horizontal lines and the RSI remains parallel.

Today's LTC trend will be a downward trend of the shock, operating strategy to follow the empty list at 122-124 US dollars to see 116-118 US dollars.


BCH was adjusted and adjusted by yesterday's shock. The trend stood in the upper rail area of ​​the Bollinger Band on the daily line. The Yin K with the long shadow line was received yesterday. The support below is strong, and the trend has further stabilized and rebounded. The 5-day moving average The 10-day moving average is about to cross to form a dead fork. The 30-day moving average keeps going down. The trend is about to enter the suppression. The MACD of the figure shows a dead fork on the 0-axis. The STOCH forms a golden cross near the 20 horizontal line. The RSI is maintained at 50 levels. parallel.

Therefore, the trend of BCH has formed a turbulent trend, so the follow-up operation suggests that the high altitude is low . You can buy 440-430 USD near 445 USD, and 440-445 USD when you follow 420 USD. If you return from At the bottom of the $400, you can follow suit and wait for the rebound to rise.


EOS bottomed out and is now returning to the lower and lower rail zone of the Bollinger Band in the daily line. However, the 5-day moving average is below the 10-day moving average and the 30-day moving average. The pressure on the top is strong and will continue to be suppressed by 6.5 USD in the short term. A dead fork is formed near the 0-axis, the RSI remains up, and the STOCH forms a golden cross at 20 horizontal lines.

Today's EOS will enter the trend of shock adjustment. The operation suggestion is much lower . The follow-up of $6.0 will see $6.3, and the $6.3 follow-up will see $6.0-6.1.

From the feedback of today's mainstream currency, the market is about to split, most of the mainstream currency will show signs of a correction, but the pie will enter the rising stage, and the follow-up will continue to form an outbreak. When the mainstream currency is differentiated, it can be at the bottom. Follow up and wait for the rebound to gain profit opportunities.

The friends who have recently operated must remember to take a good stop loss. The fluctuation of BTC is floating in the thousands of points. Once the timing is not good, it is easy to lose money and even risk the explosion. Therefore, it is possible to continue to profit from controlling the position. A foundation to develop good operating habits can last a long time.