BM: The DPoS mechanism can punish objective behavior, but currently it can only punish bad behavior by voting.

According to WhaleEx news, in the morning of this morning, BM appeared in the telegraph group and the community members to have a heated discussion. The following is an important summary: 1. BM issued a "decentralized governance" to discuss decentralized governance, community members ask questions, Pareto Distribution (28 distribution) This is very interesting, is there any sample code? BM said that I think the community needs time to digest these ideas. 2. For bitcoin price fluctuations, and EOS price fluctuations are small, some community members ask: dan, can you seriously consider the EOS economic model? BM replied, I have been thinking about everything seriously. 3. Community question: If BP fails to upgrade the main network to 1.8, does B1 have any emergency measures to ensure the smooth release of Voice? BM said that BP will not fail! 4. KYC is required for Voice. Some community members said that Steemit does not need KYC. BM said that Steemit did not have a compliance team. 5. Community questions, does BP have a term limit? BM said no. In response, community members said that this is exactly what we have with Congress. BM said that the problem is that the term limit is an identity system. I have an idea about identity, but I am developing it. 6. Community questioning, will the DPoS mechanism punish objective and subjective bad behavior? BM said it can punish objective behavior, but it can only be used to punish bad behavior by voting.