BM sent a message to talk about decentralized governance

According to WhaleEx, today, BM is talking about decentralized governance in Medium. The following is an important summary: Joining a community of people is of great value, but joining any community requires adherence to community rules. A ruleless community violates the law of the jungle and loses its identity as a community. If we are to establish a community and set the rules for such a community, then we are entering a field of joint decision-making and consensus, which is at the heart of the governance challenge. We have now shown that the community needs rules that must sacrifice some people's freedom to prevent the loss of the result of losing everyone's freedom. This leaves us with the challenge of determining what these rules are and preventing the system from being used for personal gain. Just like providing food, society needs to ensure that governance is decentralized rather than controlled by a few. For the governance blockchain, the same rules need to be applied. Any single metric, whether it is a PoS mechanism or a PoW mechanism, will be dominated by a few people. This is why blockchain governance should consist of many different mechanisms such as PoW, PoB, PoS, PoP, and PoL. Blockchains based on any single "proof-of-x" will become centralized, even if those in power claim to decentralize the system. We must all have the ability to distinguish between false decentralization and true decentralization.