Going to his pseudo-demand, welcome to enter a new era of blockchain technology

The blockchain is "invading" your daily life.

The fresh and rice in the supermarket has a traceable two-dimensional code; the mutual insurance products are on the chain; when you take the Shenzhen Metro and Shenzhen-Hong Kong taxis, you can also use the mobile phone to self-issue blockchain electronic invoices.

Enterprises that cannot escape the "true incense" law are also being captured by the blockchain.

Social giant Facebook has recently reported on the development of cryptocurrency; JPMorgan Chase, which has been bombarding bitcoin three times, also announced the release of the digital currency JPM coin this year.

Right now, the blockchain talent recruitment market is also warming up. According to a blockchain observation, the blockchain industry is on the right track, and the focus of the entire industry is shifting from “coin-price guidance” to “product and technology orientation”. In addition, the salary level of practitioners began to return to rational but still not saturated.

In short, all the signs point to one point. When the bubble of digital currency is reduced, technology and landing become the hot topic. Large companies and entities frequently throw olive branches to the blockchain. It is time to abandon prejudice and embrace the blockchain era. It is.

But the question that comes with it is: Is blockchain technology a pseudo-demand? How does an entity company correctly unlock the way a blockchain is opened?

A leaf can still know the autumn, in the current domestic B-side blockchain solution on the track, compared to the majority of the industry-specific industry chain and the internal digestion of the giant ecological chain, this article will be a general-purpose zone The blockchain platform "Thunderbolt" is an example, trying to give answers to the above questions.

Public welfare "winding up"

The Internet has fallen into a crisis of trust, especially in the recent Internet public interest.

Due to the lack of supervision and information asymmetry, the Internet crowdfunding platform exaggerates the information to defraud the donation of fraudulent donations. The public welfare treatment of idle goods has also repeatedly encountered problems. The donation boxes for the recycling of old clothes have turned into clothing factories; The insurance form mutual insurance, although the insurance threshold is low and cheap, but from the role of the insured to the insurance side, how to ensure that the user's mutual aid funds do not fall into the "cash black box" is also a problem for everyone.

Due to the characteristics of non-tampering and traceability, blockchain can solve the problem of trust and improve the accountability mechanism to a large extent.

In addition to the well-known Alipay "mutual treasure", Tencent "public interest tracing chain" and Jingdong trace material public welfare donation process, some other public welfare and insurance projects have begun to focus on blockchain technology.

In the case of the Thunderbolt, it includes the One Foundation, the Carbon Planet and the Exchange.

In the One Foundation, in order to ensure the security and fairness of information records, public interest information and disaster relief project reports are simultaneously recorded on the chain. Relevant information in the public welfare process, such as donation projects, fundraising details, fund flow, and feedback from recipients, are stored on the Thunderbolt chain and are conditionally transparent and publicized to facilitate social supervision.

In the circular economy green energy technology, “捂 Carbon Planet” provides home-to-door recycling service through express delivery, and connects the SaaS recycling system with the express data, records the user's resource recovery data and environmental protection behavior, and makes the clothing recycling information data on the chain. After the winding, the carbon planet gives the user a token incentive in a ratio of 1:3.6.

In the second stage, “Carbon Carbon Planet” combines the renewable resource supply chain management system with the smart contract, allowing the social and industrial chain to participate in all aspects, forming a trace of the entire process from source recycling to resource recycling.

In February 2019, the company also launched the Life Chain, a risk mutual assistance contract community based on blockchain technology. All key information such as mutual help content and terms, community user account records, assistance and funding records are kept on the Thunderbolt in smart contracts and can never be deleted or modified. Once the user reaches the mutual assistance condition, the approval will automatically take effect and receive funding.

Tracing back to the trend

In addition to public welfare, product traceability is also a major application scenario for information chaining.

At present, the traceability requirements of high net worth and high security demand goods are more urgent, including food, medicine, jewelry, wine and luxury goods traceability.

In March of this year, Louis Vuitton LVMH, which controls several luxury brands, launched a blockchain traceability platform that will provide proof of the authenticity of luxury goods, from the raw materials of origin to the point of sale to the second-hand market. The whole process.

The Hanjiang turquoise traceability project based on the Thunderbolt chain has the same effect. In this project, the circulation process of the origin and engraving of the turquoise is publicly recorded on the public account book on the Thunderbolt chain, thus establishing its unique identity in the Internet world and cannot be tampered with.

The difference is that the chain information also incorporates cultural characteristics. The turquoise traceability system also incorporates jade-related cultural stories, which not only attracts potential cultural enthusiasts, but also increases the cultural communication nodes.

The blockchain + the protection of the country's rare mineral resources has successfully attracted the attention of the government.

According to the latest developments, the "Shiyan City Turquoise Industry Development Action Plan" clearly proposes to build a "turquoise anti-counterfeiting traceability center based on blockchain technology. Hanjiang Network has also reached a cooperation with Shiyan local university, which will take one to two years. The turquoise traceability chain is written into the university's turquoise related professional courses to cultivate the habits of the practitioner's traceability chain.

In addition, another traceable source partner of Thunderbolt is the professional anti-counterfeiting traceability provider "Quantum Cloud Code". Its partners include food, beauty, medicine and other industries, and there are many companies such as COFCO, Mary Kay, and revision. At present, the quantum cloud code of the Thunderbolt has been deployed to Harbin high-quality rice, sweeping the "quantum cloud code" on the rice packaging, consumers can understand the whole process of the variety, origin and packaging of the purchased rice.

How to improve the efficiency of the industrial chain?

Information is only the first step. How to integrate other links in the industry chain into the blockchain ecology, truly improve the efficiency of the industrial chain, and achieve a win-win situation is the second step.

If all the links in the entire industry chain of an industry can be completed on the blockchain, then the problem is relatively difficult to solve.

Taking the copyright industry as an example, once the copyright confirmation is perfect, subsequent copyright transactions, consumption, rights protection and circulation can also be realized through the blockchain.

However, compared with traditional copyright works, copyright works in the digital economy era are easily copied. Most digital copyright works have a copying cost of almost zero. In addition, the detection, forensics and rights protection of digital copyright infringements also require extremely high costs.

How to improve the industrial efficiency of the digital economy copyright industry? The blockchain solution provided by Xunlei Chain for China Copyright Protection Center and Guangdong Southern New Media is a copyright management system based on the alliance chain.

Take the China Digital Copyright Unique Mark (DCI) standard alliance chain as an example. The alliance chain is provided by the Thunderbolt and the China Copyright Center. Under the DCI system, the digital copyright content can obtain the DCI code and the DCI mark after completing the copyright registration. Work registration certificate (electronic version). The work registration certificate (electronic version) uses encryption technology and electronic signature technology to encapsulate the rights holder, work name, copyright information and DCI code into the copyright certificate to achieve subsequent copyright inspection needs.

The open book mode of the blockchain, on the one hand, brings greater credibility to copyright services; on the other hand, smart contract technology also makes copyright transactions more flexible. At the same time, the participation of the finite nodes in the form of the alliance chain can include the participants in the industry chain.

However, the difficulty of this landing scene is that in the current content environment where everyone has a microphone, the proliferation of massive content and infringement poses a challenge to copyright protection. In order to meet the demand for massive copyright information processing and the highest instantaneous burst of thousands of messages per second, Xunlei chain chief engineer Lai Xin introduced that the Thunder blockchain technology utilizes the "homogeneous multi-chain technology architecture" and improved the regional consensus algorithm to Guarantee copyright confirmation, transactions in the chain to achieve second-level confirmation. In addition, the DCI standard alliance chain has reserved a certain degree of scalability. In the future, it can implement chain expansion contracts on the platform and run various financial virtual machines.

A more typical example is the circulation of medical health data between multiple parties compared to the one-to-one format in copyright transactions.

In the genetic project HGBC based on the Thunderbolt and Thunderbolt TCFS file storage system, the medical data of individual users' genetic data, sports, physical examination reports, electronic medical records, etc. are confirmed by the chain, and then the right is determined to obtain the token reward; After the data is confirmed, the data will be docked in two directions. First, participate in the research projects of the project side (scientific research institutions, pharmaceutical companies), and obtain token income. The second is to use tokens to enjoy health data-based services or to purchase personalized interpretation services based on genetic data, such as genetic testing reports, disease risk assessment, and alcohol consumption.

In the HGBC vision, in addition to the introduction of blockchain technology to return ownership of genomic data to individuals, a more promising scenario is the ability to build data that is user-centric, with sequencing vendors, service providers, and project participants. Circulation ecological closed loop.

Capture new traffic

When the winding chain is connected with the industrial chain, the incentive mode in the blockchain pass system brings new ideas to the enterprise.

In the case of Thunder, in addition to the information on the chain, the certification incentives become the highlights of these C-end service providers.

Shared charging services everywhere in the mall are finding new profitable scenarios through the blockchain.

In the cooperation between Caller Technology and Thunderbolt, the user's advertisement for browsing the call platform can be used as a reward for "electricity passengers", which is used to redeem the shared charging service of incoming calls. At the same time, the behavior data of the user browsing advertisements will be recorded on the Thunderbolt chain, which cannot be tampered with and traceable, ensuring that the advertiser can see the real delivery effect. Under the incentive of the blockchain, the enthusiasm of users, advertisers and callers will be mobilized to achieve a benign business ecosystem of three parties. In addition, Caller Technology has also joined the chain of ecology, chain users can also directly use the chain to exchange calls for shared charging services.

Through the platform token, the O2O platform lazy pocket wants to link the user's food and clothing, and hopes that the online traffic will peak, reducing the cost of the customer and pulling the new one.

First, the game data and consumption data generated by the user are stored in the Thunder chain to generate a token, and the token is owned by the user, and the platform and the merchant have no right to dispose of it.

Players can get shopping offers or physical merchandise from the game, users can also get game privileges and virtual game props from shopping, e-commerce makes people dependent, game manufacturing users stickiness, pass the stimulus to spread user transactions, convenient and dynamic. For merchants, the sharing of user resource pools makes the platform diversion effect significant. Compared with traditional marketing, which has been widely deployed before, the more accurate social marketing cost performance is higher; in addition, the merchants with good service quality are in users. The value of the contribution after the store is consumed will also help to improve the quality of the merchant's service.

In the trip, the blockchain can also find a place.

In the Alpha ride, on the one hand, the system based on the Thunderbolt can trace the source and credit trace of the owner, do background investigation including the case, and record the behavior of customer complaints, intentional grabs, cancellation of orders, etc. Risky drivers use technology + risk control to avoid potential safety hazards.

On the other hand, in order to attract drivers to enter, Alpha has built-in “work” token system, which can be obtained by taking orders and purchasing vehicle maintenance in the application. The value-added is realized based on the work points, so that the owners and passengers form a community of interests with the company.

In short, in the ecology of strong organization and strong relationship, relying on the user psychology of the wool, the pass system is becoming an opportunity for many emerging Internet C products to hope to overtake the corner.

The pigs in the tuyere will also land

Going back to the question at the beginning of the article, is the blockchain a pseudo-demand?

In summary, the answer is obviously no. From the Internet public welfare encountering the crisis of trust to the anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting of high-net-worth luxury goods; from the copyright transaction that needs to improve efficiency to the medical health system that is committed to solving the data island; finally, from the shared charging service to unlock the profitable new scene, to the points The motivated O2O platform and blockchain bring more possibilities.

These possibilities are to eliminate information opaque black boxes, return data ownership to individuals, personally benefit from data ownership, and interconnect value of individual data silos.

Although human factors are difficult to solve, especially the key risk control links of public welfare and mutual assistance, that is, users who apply for mutual assistance before the chain is judged whether there is fraudulent fraud, and cannot be solved by blockchain technology, but this is not the whole reason for denying its technical significance. .

If we want to summarize what kind of entity enterprise is more suitable for the blockchain, combined with the above blockchain "reducing costs for the real economy", "improving the synergy efficiency of the industrial chain", and "building a good faith industrial environment", it is not difficult to launch it. Entity companies that are costly, inefficient, and environmentally opaque and dishonest can consider the application of blockchain.

The cooperation projects of the above Thunderbolt are only a small part of the real economy, not all of them, such as supply chain finance, content industry incentives, etc., but also the landing scene with imagination space.

However, demand drives development. When the entity unlocks the technology of the blockchain, it is also inseparable from the blockchain service providers who truly understand technology.

At present, the underlying service providers of the blockchain are constantly emerging. In order to attract developers and physical merchants, the developer program including the one-stop shopping service has been “flowered and blind”. For the entity, only in each In the industry and each program, to explore the real difficulties and problems in the industry, the solution to the technical service providers can be completed.

Take the Thunderbolt as an example. In the whole development process, developers only need to be responsible for the application (including the front-end application and the back-end management platform) itself, as well as the development of the application back-end and smart contract. As for the Thunderbolt and test environment. , as well as the chain pocket, the server SDK, etc., are provided by the Thunderbolt chain, developers do not care, just focus on application development.

In addition, for developers who are new to blockchain technology, Xunlei Chain will also provide small plug-ins. By templated the industry solution through contract implementation process, developers can choose to apply according to their own needs. At the same time, the Thunderbolt will provide a one-stop support policy for technology, cost, flow and investment.

“It’s best not to put the blockchain in the lab.” This is the speech of Chen Lei, CEO of Thunder, and CEO of Netcore Technology, at the Boao Forum for Asia last year. He said that when you put a technology into practice, you must Faced with the pressure of use, it will force you to upgrade your skills. If you can't improve the user, you will be jealous of you. This is the most effective way of technological advancement.

Even if the technology is not perfect, the technology is always developing, and the progress will always come from the application. As long as there is constant demand coming in, the ability of the blockchain to land the entity will continue to improve.

Source: Planet Daily

Author: aloe

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