Co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital: Calibra must support Bitcoin to survive at some point

According to AMBCrypto, Morgan Creek Digital co-founder and partner Anthony Pompliano agreed in an interview with Crypto Trader host Ran Neuner that Calibra will be the "big role" of the Facebook encryption project, he said, "Facebook will be Billions of people around the world offer digital wallets, and digital wallets are not just to support Libra's currency, right. I saw a world where they will add Libra support in the future, which will support Bitcoin, Ethereum and all other encryption. Currency.” He added that cryptocurrency is not the only beneficiary of the Calibra wallet. Under the umbrella of “pass-through securities”, stocks, bonds, commodities and currencies will also be supported. He believes that in terms of information, Calibra will also increase support for medical data, social data and personal data. He said that in the long run, if the digital wallet wants to survive in the digital asset world, it will be a "when" rather than a "if" situation. "I don't see anyone in the world at some point in the future will not increase Bitcoin support, it may be five years later, ten years later. But I once again believe that if Calibra wants to succeed, it will have to increase the bitcoin. With the support of other cryptocurrencies, Libra will be just one of the many tokens supported by the Calibra wallet."