The disadvantages of newcomers and the way to make up! The first entry into the coin must read the article

Melon you say
Hello everyone, I am a melon! Many small leeks can't avoid paying tuition fees when they enter the currency circle!

Novices have many disadvantages in entering the currency circle! But how can a newbie make up for it? Here is the melon to talk about this problem!

We all know the disadvantages of the novice. We all know that there are two laws in the investment market, that is, only 20% of people can make money, and most people are running and losing money. In the past two days, the entire market has been adjusted. Is it starting again? The day before yesterday, Bitcoin took the lead and continued to rise. It was a hot money to recharge the money. Yesterday, I began to play drums in my heart. Is it necessary to cut the meat and sell it? It is the nature of the novices to compare and kill, so in comparison,

What is the disadvantage of the novice for the 20% profitable person on the market?

Subjective aspects of investment professionals, such as macro trading master Soros, value investment master Buffett, quantitative trading pioneer James Simmons, "big short" John Paulson, the currency circle is also no shortage of such people, Young, in just a few years worth tens of millions or even hundreds of millions. We have a first impression of these people, that is, they are smart, intelligent, and experienced. Indeed, in terms of intelligence, professional knowledge, industry experience, etc.

Novices do have obvious disadvantages, otherwise there will be no need to open so many financial disciplines in the world.

In addition to the above subjective aspects, the objective aspect is also prominent.

First, there is a lack of investment tools.

Novices have few professional investment software and investment equipment. Professional investment software can carry out various analysis, data capture, real-time reminders, etc., greatly improving investment efficiency. There must be at least four screens for real-time monitoring of various information, and how many small leeks can be equipped.

Second, the information channel is not smooth. Don't talk about closed meetings, offline meetings, salons, etc.

Novices can participate in random, can only rely on a variety of gossip, not only slow transmission, but also a lot of error information, can not get accurate information, decision-making must be affected.

Again, the investment channel is affected by the amount of funds.

Most of the newcomers have limited funds. Many institutions or organizations have good returns, but they all have funding thresholds. For example, Wang Haoquan’s technology investment fund requires a minimum of 500,000 disposable funds. Li Xiaolai’s entry threshold for the investment group requires 600 ETH. .

Finally, time and energy are limited. mostly

Novices are non-production, go to work during the day, and sneak a sneak peek at the market when leaders and colleagues don't pay attention. They wanted to fire a short-term, and the result was that they didn't pay attention to the roller coaster, and they couldn't wait. Therefore, information is lost and judgment errors are difficult to completely avoid.

Make up

Since the disadvantages of the novices are so obvious, what if we still want to make money through investment? Some people say that they can make up for these disadvantages. No professional knowledge, no experience, you can learn, so many books and courses are going to study, and then you can't go to a second degree; no investment tools can be purchased, information channels are not smooth, you can find ways to mix into high-end circles. If you have a small amount of money, you can borrow money or organize crowdfunding, and make up the threshold fee. If you don't have enough energy, you will resign and go home to speculate.

Is this feasible? The answer is different from person to person and cannot be universally applied. It takes a lot of time and money to do it. It does not necessarily lead to satisfactory results. Although it does not rule out the creation of investment wizards, it is for more than 80% of people. Impossible. How can we make up for the disadvantages in this way?

Avenue to Jane! For beginners, it is not necessary to be so complicated. The simplest investment method can be used. As long as we avoid the most obvious pits and do not make big investment mistakes, we can finally achieve a good return rate through long-term compounding. . Most of the people who are reading the article are investing in the currency circle. The profit margin of the currency circle is higher than that of the general investment category, so even the most basic compound interest will be very substantial in the long run.

So what is the most simple investment method? It is to find an investment strategy that suits one or several combinations of your own, as long as the direction is correct, long-term execution can be. Let's take the example that is most suitable for the public, especially the office workers – fixed investment – for example, without much professional knowledge, not to inquire about any news. The device is simple to use on a mobile phone, or even not to look at it. You can open it on the day. All you have to do is select the type of fixed investment, the fixed investment period and the amount of the fixed investment in each period before starting the fixed investment. The latter is just a machined execution. As long as the variety you choose is valuable, long-term varieties will get good returns. The most unselected and stable investment can choose to vote for Bitcoin.

In addition to fixed investment, there are many similar investment methods, such as playing new, grid trading, moving bricks, etc., and you can get better returns after finding the method. It is very suitable for small leeks. It can be avoided in this strategy. Disadvantages.

Melon analysis

After a lot of indiscriminate bombing, the market has now calmed down a bit. The two skys are completely vented out of the mood of the previous days. The volume of the day has reached the historical level, and the daily level has been collected. A broken head gate big Yinxian, it seems that this wave of bull market seems to be over, and there is no style change in the disk. Most investors think that the mainstream value currency has not appeared in the market, it should be said that most Investors are stunned, of course, melon is also the practitioner of this concept, but the market is basically the market is not according to the average person's routine, anyway, melon still thinks that the overall market is not over, after the next callback The market will continue to attack upwards. Now we need to analyze whether this wave of callbacks is going to be a five-wave callback at the daily level or a five-wave callback from the hourly line. Then we will ambush and enter the market to do more. From the current hourly trend The hourly line 5 wave callback has been completed, and the next big market will take a wave of small 5 wave rebound, and will continue to adjust downward after completion. Short-term, then still have to wait for the market once again stepped back to the United States and knife near the previous low of 10,500 ambush pending order will be safer.

The short-term entry point mentioned by ETH yesterday thought that it would start to rebound after seeking 2 times in the vicinity of 300 US dollars. The result is that the market is hard to fall to 280 US dollars, and the short-line single melon can only temporarily stop the loss. On the field, if you follow the melon short-term, you will still wait and see. You may hang a short-term order near the 280 US knife. Will the market be supported at the bottom of the 280 US knife? It needs to see the overall trend of the BTC, but this position is super. The short-term rebound will still come. As for the overall callback, the probability of a general callback will fall below 280 US dollars and the daily wave level 3 wave callback will continue to attack upwards. As for the overall trend, Melo still believes that this wave is not over yet.


The adjustment of EOS is very large. Yesterday, the melon short-term order was ambushed in the vicinity of 6 US dollars to buy the appropriate position. As a result of the BTC panic, the EOS also fell sharply, causing its short-term single stop loss to leave the market. The lowest price came to 5.6 US dollars and began to rebound today. In view of the BTC trend, the market will continue to adjust downward after rebounding. The short-term is most suitable to buy at the low price of 5.6 US dollars. If the market is supported by the second bottom, the market may rebound sharply. Of course, from the wave trend, the low level of this wave is unlikely to stop near 5.6 US dollars. Ultra-short-term rebound waves may still occur, depending on the shape of the time and the BTC trend.

If you feel that it is difficult to make money, you can listen to melon. If you think that the currency is easy to make money, you can not listen to melon!

Ok! Let's say so much now! The dawn of the mainstream currency is coming! Take the opportunity to get on the bus! I am a melon coin ring!