Former FATF Chairman: Libra or will become a "game rule changer" that can compete with fiat currencies

According to CoinDesk, the V20 conference opened on the 28th, and former FATF Chairman Roger Wilkins commented on Facebook's Libra: 1. Libra may become a "game changer." Libra may become one of the overwhelming currencies that can compete with the French currency; 2. Libra is inseparable from Facebook, but this may have a negative effect. The presence of Facebook and its founder Zuckerberg needs to be weakened. Although Libra can take advantage of (Facebook's) infrastructure, Facebook cannot own or manage Libra; 3. Although there are many virtual currencies in the world, Libbra can be a catalyst for the merger. In the long run, most small-scale virtual currencies will disappear. Libra is likely to become a virtual currency that more people can accept. If Libra can improve the charm of virtual currency for investors, it will bring another problem to solve. Consumer protection, sound macroeconomic requirements, cybersecurity, etc. These are the most important issues in virtual currency operations; 4. Virtual currency that is not controlled by people is very good, but there are many parties who don’t like it, such as the central bank. It will be considered that the rationalization of the supply of funds must be done; 5. If one Libra in Sydney is equivalent to one Libra in Singapore, South Korea and Japan, the foreign exchange arbitrage will disappear.