V God: Libra is not enough to affect Ethereum's DeFi ecology in the short term. The traditional field is not the Ethereum strength.

Eitafang founder Vitalik Buterin said at the 2019 Ethereum Technology and Applications Conference today that the Facebook blockchain project Libra will not have much impact on the Ethereum DeFi ecosystem in the short term. After all, Libra will be launched next year and will only be released after launch. Tokens will be rolled out later. At present, the scale of DeFi in Ethereum is quite large, and it will only grow stronger in the past two years. The ecology of Ethereum will have more development. If Libra and Ethereum bridge, Ethereum will also develop accordingly, allowing Libra users to enter the ecology of Ethereum. In general, the types of Libra eco-participants participating in Facebook are naturally relatively conservative, so they will build traditional facilities in the Libra ecosystem, which is not the strength of Ethereum.