Trump shook hands and talked, the big shorts are coming together? 6/29 market analysis

The Chinese dollar’s ​​first handshake and pictures began to sweep all kinds of headlines. Akong felt that the easing of Sino-US relations would have a profound impact on the market.

Today, the weekly report of the Wall Street Futures Platform CME came out, and the short positions of the institutions began to rise again. The Wall Street tycoons began to short the market again. The reason was that the friction relationship between China and the United States eased, and the risk aversion began to decline. The price of gold and bitcoin also began to fall back.

There are two stages in Sino-US friction. One is to raise taxes in the United States in early September last year. Then the prices of bitcoin and gold began to rebound. Until the end of September, the two countries reached a consensus that Bitcoin entered the waterfall market and plummeted. Until the beginning of this year, Trump began a series of tweets, all kinds of hints to engage in things, resulting in soaring gold prices, bitcoin also rose.

Until the recent trade frictions began to escalate, the price trend of Bitcoin and gold coincided and became higher and higher. The picture below is the price of Bitcoin and gold. You can see that the red part is the time point of two trade frictions, and it is also the time point when bitcoin and gold rise. Akong feels that bitcoin has already appeared in the nature of safe-haven assets, so the price of the two days has been affected by the negative, and began to fall sharply.

In the United States, in order to fully control the gold, using the capital advantage of the Wall Street market to complete the big reshuffle of the gold price, the gold skyrocketed and then plummeted, forming a century market. Akong feels that from the issue of the stable currency issued by Facebook, you can see a new round of American action. In the early stage of the digital currency explosion, Wall Street will certainly not let go of the big reshuffle of Bitcoin, so the degree of currency price plunging will far exceed the previous years. This is a paradise for short-term operators. The nightmare of the faller. So wait patiently, let the coins in your hands become more and more, and embrace the new era of Bitcoin.


Bittrex announced that it will release eight more trading pairs, which is expected to bear a negative for the small currency. The market will enter the G20 market in the past two days, and will mention digital currency such as Bitcoin, which can focus on key changes. The price of the currency is weaker under the head of the M head box, and it enters the triangle convergence trend, and the quantity can continue to weaken, which will continue the shock trend. The operation is high and low, waiting for the change. Next, the BTC was shocked at $11510.

Resistance level: 12270, 12850, 14260

Support level: 11510, 11150, 10465


EOSIO released a new version that is expected to play a positive role in the currency price. From the trend point of view, the currency price did not exceed the key point of 6.34 US dollars, forming a new round of long market, the amount can continue to weaken, will continue the shock trend. Operation can be wait and see, waiting for the market to change. Next EOS was reduced at $5.98.

Resistance levels: 6.21, 6.34, 6.65

Support level: 5.98, 5.82, 5.61


The price of the currency is weak, and the volume can continue to weaken. The daily line is still in a volatile trend. Only a stable $0.432 can form a new round of compensatory growth. The operation can be wait and see. Next, the XRP shocked to the bottom of $0.398.

Resistance level: 0.419, 0.432, 0.443

Support level: 0.398, 0.392, 0.379


After the price of the currency rebounded to the upper edge of the box, the head turned again, and the amount continued to weaken, still in a turbulent trend. Only a stable $122.8 can form a new long market. The operation can be wait and see, waiting for the market to change. Next, the LTC shocked to the bottom of $115.6.

Resistance level: 118.3, 121.5, 125.4

Support level: 115.6, 113.2, 110.6


The price of the currency can continue to weaken, and the overall situation is still in a volatile trend. The top 308.4 US dollars has become the current key point. Only a stable position of 308.4 US dollars will form a new round of bullish uptrend. In operation, according to the trend of the daily line, the market is high and low, waiting for the market to change. Next ETH was shocked at $297.2.

Resistance level: 307.2, 315.4, 323.4

Support level: 297.2, 290.5, 282.5


The short-term continuous drawing of the currency price, the quantity can continue to weaken, indicating that the currency price is in a volatile trend. After continuous double-short explosion, the price of the currency enters the repair stage. Only by re-establishing a stable $432.5 can a new round of mainstream currency be formed. The operation can be wait and see. Next, the BCH shocked to the bottom of $411.3.

Resistance level: 429.5, 441.3, 455.4

Support level: 411.3, 396.5, 387.5


The price of the currency was affected by the favorable factors of Coinbase, and the short-term surged higher. Coinbase has also become one of the major positive factors this year. It includes almost all EOS coins. Each of the Coinbase currencies will have different levels of lead. As a well-known leader in the US platform, the Coinbase is accepted by institutions and mainstream funds. From the trend, the price of the currency will rise linearly, and the amount of attention will change. Once it is again reduced, it is necessary to pay attention to the high position. As long as there is no heavy volume falling below 2.85 US dollars, it will continue the long market.


In addition to LINK, the short-term RUFF is also rising and rising. You will find that the two days of rising are basically the small currency of the fire coin. The fire currency begins to have the effect of making money on the small coin. The latest round of hot money includes : XMX, RUFF, SEELE, UUU, LAMB, HC, these currencies have risen sharply, driving more funds into the small currency funds pool of fire coins, which is expected to be good for all kinds of small coins of fire coins. effect. From the point of view of hot spots, the platform coins are collectively consolidating, MX has been soaring continuously, and the currency circle only recognizes the effect of making money. The various types of matcha in the previous two days have risen sharply, and MX has started to skyrocket. Recently, the coin has started to skyrocket, and HT also Start to go higher, focus on the small money to make money, ambush platform coins is also a good choice. Overall, the market is still in the triangle finishing period, waiting to change the market and then operate the small currency market.