FATF officials: The survey of virtual currency practitioners is very important in the October review conducted in October.

The V20 conference opened on the 28th, and representatives of the cryptocurrency industry will discuss with the regulatory authorities on FATF's latest cryptographic asset monitoring guidelines. FATF official Tom Neyran said in an interview today that the investigation of virtual currency practitioners is very important in the fall review this fall. On June 14, the International Bureau of the Ministry of Finance of Japan mentioned in its working paper that it would review Japanese virtual currency practitioners. Today the FATF once again emphasizes this point. It is reported that in the review of Japan, the investigation will be conducted based on the evaluation of the rectification of 40 advisory laws and the effectiveness of 11 projects. The FATF will conduct a written investigation in October this year and conduct an actual investigation in November. Neyran mentioned that “there are several companies including Virtual Money Service Providers (VASP).”