Twitter public chain: will upgrade the block computing speed and launch the decentralized wallet, the ecological planning roadmap is officially released

Twitterchain Twitter public chain officially announced the latest developments of the project as follows: 1. In the near future, it will upgrade the block packaging speed of its public chain system, from the original 15 seconds to 5 seconds; 2. Will launch the world's first cross five public chain Centralized wallet; 3. The first DApp – the world's first chat mining software "tweet letter" has been tested and is being deployed in global market operations. In addition, the Twitter public chain released its development plan for the next three years: 1. The social financial system based on the public chain release – the Twitter wallet has been officially launched; 2. The Chinese community launched 50 million US dollars of jewelry to establish the Pushing Jewelry Company. , officially entered the high-end jewellery industry in China; 3. The coin bank teahouse, the coin bank coffee landed in the Chinese community; 4. launched the rugged stable currency of the bitcoin, gold and US dollar package assets; 5.TCD (Twitterchain Dollar) and the currency bank The exchange ( enters the R&D process; 6. builds social networking malls based on social networking and third-party applications of 5G artificial intelligence technology.