Opinion: Bitcoin will face a sustainability crisis if the economic model is not adjusted

Despite rising prices, some cryptocurrency users still believe that Bitcoin will not meet expectations, and altcoins like Ethereum will replace them. Ethereum supporters once again put forward this view, comparing the release rates of Ethereum and Bitcoin and the impact on their respective ecosystems. Ethereum's expected release rate shows that by August 2021, the rate will stabilize to allow for more updates to a given ETH supply. At the same time, the supply of ETH tokens is expected to stabilize at 115 million, much higher than the 21 million in Bitcoin. The release rate of Ethereum is significantly lower than Bitcoin, which is expected to make it safer and decentralized, which is the goal of the Ethereum 2.0 program. Ethereum supporter Token State said: "Vitalik (V God) can't change the issue without getting community consensus. If you don't adjust the economic model, Bitcoin will face a sustainability crisis. Bitcoin needs major reforms to ensure security. Sex and sustainability. One of the arguments put forward by the community is related to the advantages of PoS over PoW. Another argument is that Ethereum is much younger than Bitcoin, and its power can only be felt when PoS mode is turned on.